More random facts :DD

23) I’m really quiet if I don’t know you. Or else I can talk non stop. Really, I just blab and blab and blab.
24) I am not a gossip whore. I never know anything lol.
25) I have a phobia of bananas. o_O
26) I think that Disney channel is the best channel. ever.
27) I hate Ruben Studdard. Clay should have won that season.
28) I love black and white photos. They just like, speak to me. lol. Adoree them.
29) I love kids. Not to watch them. And not if they’re annoying. I just think they’re adorable.
30) I look younger than I really am.
31) I share a birthday with Busta Rhymes! :DD woohoo.
32) I don’t like singing in front of people.
33) I fail at the viola. Last chair in the orchestra baby! Behind the disabled girl…
34) I fail at dance too. I danced for about 8 years. My mom made me. I was tortured.
35) I’ve never had oatmeal before and people find that strange.
36) I hate square dancing. I always get stuck with a partner who never knows what he’s doing. And we need at least one person who knows what they’re doing. Haha. Don’t count on me.
37) I have just about the worst eyesight ever. Well not really. But I’m still like, blind.
38) If you haven’t noticed, I say like a lot. :DD
39) I hate missing school. blahh.
40) I look at my yearbook like all the time and every time I find someone that I’ve never seen or heard of before.
41) I have family all over. In different countries far away :D and sporadically throughout the country.
42) I live in New York.
43) More specifically Long Island.
44) When I’m upset, I don’t eat.
45) I adore music.
46) When I like a guy, it’s always for a longg time. And I hate it.
47) I’ve had my fair share of stalkers.
48) I hate my speaking voice. It's annoying.
49) I hate my teeth too. I think I'm getting braces. yuckk.

i've made a lot of sets today. :]
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