An art collage from May 2011


love contests? hate the category/subject? supp! this is a contest group.with NO SUBJECT.that means throw in the crap you make when your bored AND the sets that took you eight hours to make. all are welcome! also, i love to hear your guys' comments about the group- good or bad. I'm also always open to suggestions! just PM me and we can make it happen! :]
Also, I'd like a chance to promote YOUR group too :) here's the announcement about it, message me with questions, please :)
*Want to promote YOUR group?*

I want to help you guys get your group off up the ground. Starting now, I'm going to make announcements to promote YOUR groups, your way. here's how it works:
1.) send me a message telling me what your group is all about, and why you think i should promote it. I'll also need the link. I'm not about to waste my time looking for your group, okay?
2.) I'll read what you sent me, and if i think its worth looking at, I'll follow the link and learn about your group.
3.) If i like it, I'll send you a notice, saying "yes, I'll promote your group" or if i didn't like it, "no, I don't think your group's worth promoting."
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6.) I'll do five group promotions every day, and they will only be up for a day. I won't make a waiting list, so everyday, the first five people to message me about their group will get promoted (refer to number 3).

Teen Obsessions

Teen Obsessions

So there are many Obsessions on Polyvore, Mosaics, Twilight, Jonas, Art, Tape gun, Anime, etc. and this is a group for pretty much any obsession you may have.
Please don't ask to be a moderator, I like to keep it strickly to RL friends and me only.
Contest idea? Pm us <3 We love to hear from Y'all :D
Established Saturday October 17 2009 <3
My other groups that you should join x)
Hipster-ish Sets :
Lady Gaga :

Jonas Brothers :

triangles are hipster & so are we.

triangles are hipster & so are we.

this group is for you, if you agree that ▲= hipster. you like to over use these shapes, by slipping them into your sets, contact info & even conversations. members in this group, aside from obsessing over triangles, seem to like indie/alternative music, nutella, tumblr, moccasins, dream catchers, and using words like rad, chill, epic, bamf or dank instead of awesome. if these traits apply to you, please join.

-&forever the EPIC Poly-nerds. ?

-&forever the EPIC Poly-nerds. ?

Hey there. It's Anh.
I'm making this group because I feel like making a group with the most epic people on the face of earth. So yeah, there's gonna be a lot of moderators. Prep, hipster, prepster, I don't care. Enter all them awesome sets!
Love you. ▲nh.

Well um hello:)
Wow i'm classified as EPIC, that has to be major kudos points.
Anyway, I will bet you a dollar that 'Epic' taste like Skittles.
- Charle
Me: Hi everybody!
You: Hi Doctor Nick! xD
Sorry couldn't help myself! You will find that I'm very random and and it can be scary at times but do not fear! Voldemorts biatch is here! :D
---- Stacey xx
Heyy there(:
so i'm considered epic? nahh i dont think so. so i'm going to agree with Charle and say that Epic does taste like Skittles. I wonder if it's a juicy contradiction too? hmm..
--Lupe (-youngandconfused)
Hey everyone =)
i'm epic? well i'm not going to object and you guys are all epic too =]. yeah i'm gonna agree that skittles taste epic! ummm yeah well =] hi
▲{ strawberries }▲

Well hellooooo there :)
(this is ▲Simpli{city} fyi)
a group for epic people
well my nick-name is epic fail... does that count?
Anyways, love you all!
-- The amazing gorgeous and totally self-centred ▲Simpli{city}
(well, maybe self-concious is more realistic :D)
Well, this is Kirstie.
Otherwise known as, ¢нɘɑρ bɘɘr ɑɴɗ ʀɘɗ ʟιρsʈιɔк.
Bring on the epic.

By the way, it's -thαt ignorαnt wisher. But you all know me as -ℓost in senseℓess dreαms. This is just my other account. Now I'm done talking.
Salvete omnes :D I'm there is tragedy in our blood ☽, and I <3 Anh for making this group :D :D
Uhm. I take Latin. And like my boyfriend. And candy. And cranberry juice! :D
That is all.
Beware the zombie attack.
HELLOOO everyone :) its Roanne! i think Anh is super duper amazing for making this pretty rad group!! its my first one to mod but i think it'll be the best, no?!
plus all the mods here make some of the BEST sets on polyvore. pass on the epic skittles !!!!!!!!!!!!
tons of love;
- Roanne :)
Hey guys, it's Evan!
[ ]
Just to tell you a little about myself, I'm a short little 7th grade boy. I live in Texas but was born in Washington D.C. on Valentine's Day.
I'm left handed and lots of fun. I hope you have fun in this group! (:
- Evan
Hey, it's steph here! ([Fαst]Foяwαяd♥)
I'm 14 and I LOVE art and fashion!
I'm so glad to be a part of this amazing EPIC group!
It taste's yummy ;D love you guys!
--Stephh. :)

Hey this is Andrea!
(Also known as eveяmoяe)
So this is gonna be epic! Sit down and enjoy the ride :)
Get your friends to join and you won't regret it :D
Well hello there! It's megαn. ☼ here, aaand I can tell that this group is going to be
the shizz :) ahaha I love you all, and I hope you have fun entering the contests!
LUFF YH00 <3 xoxxoxo
Hello guys :)
It's Miss Tiffany aka Carla ( here! :D
I hope you have fun at the contests that we made !
Love y'all <3
Hope you enjoy and just have fun!

Hahaha, didn't know you all had done this :)
this is dream catcher here aka Kelly,
this group is going to be sickkkkk :)
Have fun & don't forget to smile :)

Your mods, Anh, Corinne, Eimear, Kelly, Drea, Evan, Roanne, Stacey, Gabby, Kirstie, Lupe, Charle, Megan, Steph, Jenna, Elana, Carla, and ▲{ strawberries }▲

It's the 1st contest! -Anh :)
♥ don't be square ▲ -Kelly
lets have a little bit of eye candy eh? -Megan. :D aka hot guys. YESSS?
I'm your biggest fan, I'll follow you until you love me.(sets w/ celebrities)-Kirstie
Girls just wanna have fun! (sets w/ girrrrls in them) -Megaaan (again :L)
Lions, and Tigers, and Bears! Oh my! -Charle( sets with animals)
She's Got A Love Like Woe (Sets based off of popular songs)? -Gabbyyy
sh-sh-sh-sh-shake it like a polaroid picture.(sets with polaroids in them)-Kirstie
Lights, camera, action! (Sets with light leaks, bright colors, etc.)-Anh
I Can See Your True Colours; Shining Through (one colour themed sets) - Roanne
black and white. ( black and white sets ) - Evan
I need somebody to love, uh oh. (woah j bieber :L)( -sets with love/couples.) -Megan :)
if you love me let me go, back to that bar in T O K Y O(i keep changing this i'll just explain when it happens xD) - Stacey :{D
every single day, I walk down the street, I hear people say "Babbbyyy" so sweet.(sets with beautiful girls)-Kirstie:)
In the lane, snow is a glistening(winter sets)- Charle
Wont be 17 forever! [Band sets]- Carla
-&this is the OFFICIAL trophy contest ♥-Anh :P
--&&lyk, oh.em.gee.♥♥(preppy sets)-Kirstie
*group created September 2, 2010*
*To the other mods: if you do not make a contest, you don't judge in it. That said, if you make the contest, you are the only person who can vote for winners in that contest. Thank you-Anh :)*