hey everyone ♥

so i'm still not feeling at all christmassy and i kinda wrote a poem that i'd like to share with you. it's kinda personal so if you have nothing pleasant to say, please do not speak. 

`the motion` - a poem by me. 

they say that going from happy to sad 
is like a boat capsizing
at first, you think the boat will just rock
that you'll be left teetering on the border
between two realities,
but soon you realise this perfect imbalance, that
you've kept up for so long,
slow fades away....

as you plunge into the murky depths,
something that happens in a brief closure of your eyes,
you wonder if the act of imbalance was ever important at all,
after all you've ended up with the inevitable.
you're trapped in the water, in this obscene parallel where your choices lie

i think that the most horrid part of fraying between two feelings, is that 
you can't help the imbalance
it's always there, 
like your choice - 
do you fight?
do you let yourself slip into the languid water, let it lap at your skin while it whispers profanely, smothering the voices clouding in your head?

only then will you realise that the motion from happy to sad is exactly as they said,
it's like a boat capsizing
you're defenseless to events that occur
and somehow
there's a sort of serenity as you slip into the motion of water, as it overcomes those thoughts fraying in your mind, and it feels like this motion, this indescribable pinnacle is 
an act of

- chlo ♥
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