Under The Stars - Morning Parade

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This is the survey:
1. Full name: 
2. 3 fears: Snakes, failing at something, danger.
3. 4 turn on's: Intelligence, good taste in music/books/films, witty or funny, personality. (Frankly, this goes for everybody)
4. 4 turn offs: Smoking, bad attitude, arrogance, boring.
5. My best friend(s): Are the ones who are fun to be around, support and understand you.
6. How tall I am: Quite tall, 6 feet.
7. What time I was born: In the sunny morning.
8. Favourite colour: I love all colors.
9. Favourite quote: It changes, today I found this one: "Have the courage to think good thoughts."
10. Favourite food: Anything Italian, desserts in general, fruit and chocolate.
11. What I am listening to right now: Heartbeat by Chase N Status.
12. Eye colour: An mix of green and grey.
13. Hair colour: Dark blonde, almost light brunette, sometimes with a ginger/red glow. 
14. Favourite song: Ha. Just one. Ha. I'm still in awe from all the music from Les Misérables, so at the moment I choose "Bring Him Home" or "Do Your The People Sing" or "Look Down" or... or.... or...
15. My nicknames: Rose 
16. Favourite animal: Cats.
17. My favourite ice-cream: White chocolate and melon. 
18. Describe your first kiss: 

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