I'm addicted to Yoseob's song "Caffeine" once again ♥
aaah ~ I have always though that he, Daesung and Daehyun have the most powerfull voices ever ♥

I was tagged by @white-name a long time ago here http://www.polyvore.com/seduce_own_me/set?id=93138338

01 Romantic or comedy movies? Depends on my mood
02 Superman or Batman ? Batman :)
03 Abs or flat? (in a guy I mean) A mix between both
04 IPhone or Samsung ? IPhone, though I think Samsung is better
05 Do you have tattoos? if yes what kind? No, but one day I'd like to have at least one
06 Favorite flavor ice cream? Cremino. It's nutella with vanilla
07 Blouse or t-shirt? T-shirt
08 Favorite day of the week? Friday
09 Vogue or Glamour ? Vogue
10 what is your favorite brand? Balmain. But my fav brand which I can afford is Brandy&Melville
11 Do you like black or white movies ? :D Yezzzz! I spent last summer watching a lot of b&w movies :D

I was also tagged by @gizibe a long time ago here http://www.polyvore.com/devilish/set?id=93147509

1. Day or Night? Night
2. Heels or No heels? I love heels, but I'm always wearing flat shoes
3. Movies or Tv shows? Depends on my mood
4. Who is your role model? Park Bom
5. Who is your star crush? Lee Kikwang
6. Skirt or Pants? Pants
7. What music do you listen to? K-pop, Pop, r&b, hip-hop, rock...
8. What are your hobbies? Playing the piano, internet and dancing
9. Biggest dream? wow. I'm not sure :/ I guess it's to find happiness in everything I do
10. Who- what is your favourite fairy tale character? Ariel from The Little Mermaid
11. Do you prefer smaller, quiet cities or the big ful of live ones? Since I live in a small one I prefer big ones, but I guess it's better to live in a small one :)
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