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Another day another Hannah story. I swear you guys are going to get sick of her soon if you haven’t already. Sorry I’ll try to restrain myself. Tags for @vicks and @nifty-nikki because they asked. which made me super giddy actually. I'm lame I know!

Hannah Darval; July 25

I was in the car that Dean had hired to get me to this damn photo shoot interview thing on time, feet kicked up on leather seat next to me when my phone began ringing. It was 8 in the morning, much earlier than anyone ever called me so I fumbled it out of my bed, frowning in confusion. Oh, it was Steane.

“Morning sweetie,” I answered, trying to sound chirpy and awake. The fact I was suppressing a yawn probably shot that in the foot though, “Isn’t it a little early for you?” Because it really was.

“Where are you?” He all but demanded. I rolled my eyes at that because wow, I’d told him about this three or four times since I’d been back.

“I have that photo shoot and interview thing with the girls,” I prompted him gently because he was grumpy in the morning, “remember.”

“No.” He said sullenly.

“Babe I’ve told you about it like 6 times.” I sighed, rubbing my eyes with the hand not holding to phone, it was to damn early for this, “I told you last night.”

“Well I missed you.” I could just about imagine him sitting in my huge bed, pouting.

“I know, who wouldn’t.” I giggled slightly at my own hilariousness. Well I found it hilarious so early in the morning, “ but I’ll miss you to babe. What have you got on today?” I asked conversationally, falling back into the leather seat.

“Meeting with Jason.” He said through a huge yawn. My boyfriend the charmer, “he’s got some scripts for me to look through.:

“Oh that’s Good!” I said sincerely, because Steane really, really needed to start working again before he stopped getting sent scripts. He’s be unbearable if that happened. “Please promise me you’ll actually consider all of them if they’re good parts.”

“Hannah…” He said warningly.

“No I mean it,” I pushed on, fairly confident it wouldn’t blow up so much over the phone, “can you just consider projects for the roles and how they’ll challenge your skills, not on who else is involved.”

“Hannah you have no clue what you’re talking about.”

“Whatever.” I snapped, rolling my eyes. He was way to touchy when it came to his damn career - he didn’t listen to me or Jason or his agent or Samantha, he thought he knew best when he clearly didn’t, “I’ll stop caring about your career then.”

“That’s not what I meant.” He said, carefully like he was trying to control his tone. Which meant he was trying to avoid an argument, a gesture I appreciated I guess.

“Yea, sure.” I said sullenly.

There was a long pause before he let out a deep suffering sigh, “I’ll do my best then. If you’ll go for lunch with my after the shoot and meeting.”

“Alright.” I agreed, the cynical part of me thinking he wanted it just for the publicity, but really that was only because I was tired and grumpy.

“Great. I’ll pick you up then.” Steane said matter-of-factly.

“You don’t have to do that. I can’t meet you there.”

“No. I said I’ll pick you up.” He said forcefully and I knew that meant the conversation was over.

“Alright, alright,” I sighed just going with it “I’ll see you just after one then. I love you but I’m here.” I said as the car rolled to a stop.

“Alright, bye babe.” He said before hanging up, not giving me a chance to say bye. 

I stared at the phone with a sigh, moping for all of 30 seconds before the door was flung open with more force than could ever be necessary. I looked up to scold the driver for not being careful. Except it wasn’t the nervous looking blonde guy standing there it was Karen, the only member of Celestial I would really, truly miss when I moved onto bigger and better things.

“Get you’re ass out of this car now.” She told me, arms crossed and foot tapping on the ground. I couldn’t see said foot but I could defiantly here the sound of her heavy boot hitting the ground. Standing at only 5 foot, Karen’s platform heels and boots were her air or something. I’d seen her without them maybe 5 times and I’d been on tour with her for 6 months.

“I’m coming, I’m coming.” I sighed, hoisting myself out of the chair and adding under my breath, “crazy lady.”

“I heard that.” She singsonged over her shoulder, grabbing my wrist the second I’d gotten out of the car and dragging me towards the warehouse that was apparently our location today. Joy.

“Are we doing the scantily clad grumpy thing again today?” I asked with a sigh, looking down at my dress and realising if I didn’t get it off soon it’d get greasy and dirty and generally gross.

“ I think so.” She shrugged, nonplussed. Karen didn’t care about the image of the band and her image or anything. She just liked to get up and sing - not that she was any good and she’d freely admit it. Karen was more the dancer and that suited everyone just fine. “I imagine you’ll get a solo thing as the cover.”

“Joy of joys.” I rolled my eyes as she ushered me into the warehouse, which had a corner roped off with wardrobe and make-up and what looked like racks upon racks on lingerie. Whoop-de-do nothing new.

“You called?” A red head screeched from where she was browsing the racks. That was Joy, the daughter of the record labels owner. Basically the only reason she was here - none of us could really stand her.

“No one called you Joy. It’s an expression.” Another voice floated over from the other side of the room. Casting my eyes over I noticed the final Celestial member standing conversing with the photographer. That was Miranda, the tall, blonde leggy one who had a decent voice but was just way to serious.

“Oh.” Joy pouted, before returning her attentions to the lingerie, probably the pick out the sexiest skimpiest thing she could find. Which would most likely then be taken off her and given to be, it happened more often than you thought. Dean or Samantha had to fight to tone it down often.

Speaking of the devils the two of them chose that moment to stroll in the sheds door, deep in conversation. I’d never understood their relationship exactly and I didn’t want to ask. Samantha scared me and I loved Dean to much to want to know. I think I’d never look at them the same again if it was beyond speculation, 

“Hannah.” They’d stopped in front of me and Dean was addressing me now, “How’s my favourite client.”

“You have like three clients.” I rolled my eyes, accepting the hug he was offering though. “Samantha.” I greeted her with a smile, which she returned like it pained her. It was totally the thought that counted though.

“So I’ve talked to the photographer and the magazine.” Dean said, shooting Karen a pointed look. She just smiled at him before he cleared his throat. She laughed at him, patted him on the cheek before skipping off to join Joy at the lingerie - taking one for the team, “and you’ve got the cover by yourself.”

“No,” Samantha shook her head, “She can’t do that.” Good. I agreed with her for once.

“Why not?” Dean asked, eyebrow raised.

“Ee don’t want it to look like she’s trying to break out on her own.” 

“But she is.” Dean pointed out, brow furrowed in an adorable expression of confusion.

“Well yes,” Samantha relented with a nod of her head, “But it’s to soon. People will take it as arrogance now.”

Dean shook the expression from his face like a puppy clearing itself from water. Terrible metaphors were a sign of to early “I’m not going to pretend to understand.” He shrugged, “But I’ll take your word for it.”

“I’ll do it with Karen.” I spoke up. Samantha turned her eyes towards me and for a second she eyeballed me like she was going to disagree with me but then she nodded.

“Yes that will do nicely.” She confirmed, firm nod of her head, “A cover shot of Hannah with Karen and at least 2 solo pictures inside. They can do whatever they want with the rest as long as Hannah is in majority of the photos.”

“Alright then, I’ll go talk to the photographer and director of the shoot then.” Dean said beginning to walk away.

“Wait,” I called running after him, Samantha following behind, “Can you ask them to tone down the lingerie.” I utilised my best puppy eyes.

“It’s the bands image. You don’t want to stray.” Samantha pointed out, like I was an infant. I’d noticed a lot of people talked down to me.

“No. Just tone it down slightly. Start to clean up me image.” I was all but pleading. Not quite though, my pride wouldn’t allow it.

“Alright.” She relented, thoughtfully

 “I’ll see what I can do.” Dean told us, kissing me on the forehead before heading back where he’d been heading. Which left me with Samantha.

“So, this relationship of yours.” She started to say. And that was all she was going to say on the subject.

“Sorry Samantha.” I cut her off, usually something I would be terrified to do but right now I’d rather have a pissed of publicist than talk about my relationship to her, “I think I hear wardrobe calling.” I said, hurrying off to the corner that could barely be classed as a wardrobe.

I wasn’t running, oh no. I was simply going to liberated Karen from Joy. I was just being a great, friend. Honest
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