That's a quote from the tv show Stella, that is set near my mam's work♥

Hi Beauties :)

S u r v i z z l e [Survey] I was tagged by @aniyahhhx3
Full Name: 
• Chloe Leanne D____ [i'm not allowed to reveal my surname]

3 Fears: 
•The After-life, where do we go after death
•Spiders and other bugs.ewww
• My future, like what if i'm a failure?

My best Friends:
• Emily, Emily Rhiannon and Sorcha @summer23134

*How tall am I:
•About 5ft 6. 

*What time I was born:
• either ten or eleven o'clock

*Favourite Color:
• pink 
*Favourite Quote:
• At the moment? - “As he read, I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.” 

*Favorite Foods
• Chocolate, Roast Potatoes, Nutella + chicken popcorn 

*What I'm listening to right now
• Stella [a tv show based in Wales]
*Eye color
• Brown

*Hair colour:
• Brown

*Favourite Movie
• Source Code // Mean Girls // Perks Of Being A Wallflower

*Favorite song
• Gold Rush - Ed Sheeran
Teenage Dream [acoustic] - Glee
Die Young [de constructed] - Ke$ha

*Favourite nickname:
• Jorge { pronounced whore hay } lawl. family joke

*Favourite Animal:
• GIRAFFE // turtles

*First Kiss
• haven't had one yet. merp


Today went okay.

M E N T O R I N G - R E G I S T R A T I O N ♥
We did revision time tables.
I C T ♥
I did training for my excel Microsoft Office Specialist
P S E ♥
We did this thing where you had to name substances from A - Z , then we did this card game. Then me and the girls played MASH. lawl
B R E A K ♥
Just stood around
D O U B L E - E N G L I S H♥
As i'm considering taking English for A - Level. We did taster sessions. So first I went to English literature - the teacher talked about the course and we did this little reading thing. Then she started talking about this woman who writes about 'drinking from the furry cup' which is basically female oral sex. lol awkward. 
Then we to English Lang / Lit and we did this story exercise, where everyone was given a photograph that related to a genre. I got a man screaming which was a Horror photo so I had to write a start of a story. Then we fold that down and pass it to someone with a different genre. It was really fun. Then we did this stuff about a sonnet ;)
D I N N E R ♥
Ate my food
W E L S H♥
I did this piece about Alcohol, while writing it, I put my ipod on. Me and this girl Sophie shared my headphones and we did mad dancing.

How was your day?
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