ll Seductively- Jo De La Rosa ll 
The lyrics I have a probably wrong, but only because I had to write them while listening to the song instead of just copying + pasting from some website like I usually do. 
So, I kinda got in a nostalgic mood when I was looking at my Las Vegas tumblr (which you should check out here- http://rollingdiceandbrightlights.tumblr.com/ I just posted some things too!) and I decided to write an Indie + Benji story since I haven't written for them in forever! 
"It's nice to have a day just to the two of us," I say as Benji and I stand in line, waiting for a gondola inside of the Venetian. 

We'd finally gotten a day just to the two of us. Things had been absolutely insane lately. Since summer had come, Las Vegas had gotten even more populated, and more and more tourists poured in, leaving The Strip absolutely packed, and although we were used to the huge number of people, sometimes it was just better to stay off the streets when it was busy, especially with all the trouble that people got in. 

"I know," Benji sighs, looking as a gondola comes our way. It floats atop the turquoise blue, clear water, a cute little Italian looking guy rowing it. 

We'd been on the gondola ride countless times, but somehow it still wowed me every time. Somehow it was always still amazing, and it managed to calm and relax me in no time whatsoever. 

I look at the gondola happily, stepping in first, careful not to trip in my sky-high heels. 
Things between Benji and I had been perfect lately. Like a fantasy almost. Benji had gotten a job too, he was now a dj at one of the hottest clubs, Pure. Surprisingly, I had gotten a job too, as one of the dancers in Treasure Island's show, The Sirens of TI. I actually enjoyed it too… who would have ever thought I would enjoy working?! But I did! I had fun. 
And every so often, I would spot Benji, Alaska and Ivory in the audience, ready to cheer me on every time. It was times like those that I was reminded of what truly amazing friends I had and how blessed I was to have them. 

Benji steps in also, sitting next to me, his arm around me, with a perfect little smirk lit up on his cute face. 

The gondola begins to drive slowly, moving along the canal.
I raise an eyebrow, "What?" I ask him, beginning to smile. 

He shakes his head, chuckling, "Oh, nothing." 

"Tell me!" I say, looking at him. He was thinking of something… naughty. I could just tell. He only made that kind of smirk when he was thinking of something completely inappropriate.
And now I was itching to know what he was thinking of. 

He turns to me, smiling naughtily before crashing his lips to mine passionately. He kisses me roughly, and then pulls out, looking at me before leaning in and whispering in my ear, "How hot would it be if you and I had se.x in this gondola?" 

I smirk, "Right here, right now?" I ask, suddenly aware of all of the people, plus the gondola-driver. 

He shakes his head, then leaning in and whispering in my ear once again, his voice sounding like heaven, "We'll sneak back once it's closed." 

I giggle, "Sounds like a plan," I whisper back seductively. 

Benji lets out a chuckle and I giggle once again, suddenly excited about what we were about to do. We'd never done anything this risky, but there was such a thrill to it, a thrill that I absolutely loved and I couldn't get enough of. 

"What are the two lovebirds giggling about?" The gondola driver asks us, as we begin to come upon a bridge. I know very well that this one bridge signifies love or something like that. 

"Nothing!" I answer. 

"You know this bridge is the bridge of love, a kiss is good luck!" He reminds us and Benji looks and me before giving me a powerful, long lasting kiss on my lips. 

He pulls out once we're away from the bridge, and I smile even more, looking at him. 

"Aww!" The driver says, his faux Italian accent dragging it out, causing me and Benji to chuckle slightly looking at him. 

"You know, I've never seen a couple more perfect," He says to us. 

I raise an eyebrow, "Really?" I say, looking at him. 

"You two are young, yes?" We both nod. "So young, but so in love… it's a rare sigh nowadays. You can tell you're purely in love with each other. Your love will last forever." 

Benji grins, "Thank you," He says, looking at the driver. 

I look at the driver too, nodding along. It was truly the sweetest thing I'd ever head about our relationship. Sure people have called us 'cute' together, but then there were some people that doubted our relationship would last past a couple weeks, since everybody knows that I was never quite into relationships. 
But here we were. We'd come so far. And if even a gondola drive that had known us for point five seconds could tell that we were in love, well, that just proved so much. It made our love seem so much stronger. 

The gondola ride ends, and after stepping off and wishing the driver luck, Benji and I start off, in search of something exciting to do. It was six o'clock, and the gondola ride runs until around ten, so we have a few hours. Definitely some spare time to kill. 

"What should we do?" I ask as we walk out onto The Strip, looking at the magnificent sight. The sun is just setting, casting a perfect glow on the entire city, allowing the hotels to soak up the amazing lighting. 

"We haven't seen Everett in awhile," Benji points out. "Maybe we can go hang out with him, smoke a little, drink a bit, like old times," 

I nod. It was true. We hadn't seen Everett in forever. After I had confessed my love to Benji and everything fell back together after everything had seemingly fell apart, Everett barely talked to us. i don't think he was mad necessarily, but things had took an odd turn. 
And since everything had gotten back intact with a new group of friends, Everett hadn't rejoined our little clique. But he was originally apart of the original Vegas clique, the one that consisted of Benji, him and I, so needless to say, he would always be a friend to us. 
"Sounds good with me," I say. "He's still living at the Wynn, right?" I ask. 

Benji nods, "Yep," 

I think for a second as we begin walking along the bustling Strip, packed with girls clad in tight bandage dresses and high heels, carrying foot long margaritas. "Do you think he's mad at us?" I ask. 

"No, no, no," Benji says, shaking his head. "Why?" 

I bite my lip, "Because we're together and I kinda… you know, f.cked him over," 

Benji snorts, "I think he's over that… he has to be, right? That was a long time ago," 

I shrug, continuing to walk down the crowded streets as quickly as my purple Louboutins could take me. "I guess you're right… and I think with him we'll always be friends… right?" I say. 

Benji nods, "Of course! Aren't we like, the original three musketeers?" 

I giggle, "I guess we are." 

After crossing the street and walking the lengthy distance, we arrive inside the Wynn, Benji and I's old home. We moved to the Palazoo though just a few months ago for a change of scenery since we were getting kinda bored there, and Palazoo just seemed so much more fitting. I think that we partially also moved to escape from the awkwardness with Everett, since he was living right across the hall and it was always a tad awkward when he would see Benji slink into my room kissing me drunkly. 
"Still in the same room?" I ask Benji. 

"Yep," He nods once again. "Everett loves the Wynn, there's no way he'd ever move in a billion years." 

After walking through the lobby, a rush of emotions and memories coming back to me, we went to the elevator banks, taking is up to Everett's floor. The elevator was there in no time, and we walked down the carpeted hallway. It was weird returning here after being away for so long. It had an odd feeling, like a nostalgic feeling of mixed emotions. It was just so peculiar, I kinda wished it would go away, and fast. 

We reached Everett's suite. I nudge Benji gently, "Knock," I say lightly. Whenever I knocked on a door I always felt like such a bother or something. It was just something I hated doing. 

Benji knocks and soon, Everett answers. I stare at him. He looks the same as he always did, maybe even a bit better. It looks like the time had done him good. "Hey mate," Benji says breaking the silence as Everett's face breaks into a wide smile. 

"Hey! I hadn't seen you guys around for a long time," He says, opening the door wider for us, "Come in!" He offers and Benji takes a step in first, me trailing behind, waving slightly at Everett. 

His place is still as it always was- pretty messy with alcohol bottles lying everywhere. The garbage is piled with crushed cigarette packs as well as various wrappers and pieces of paper. But altogether, it's so familiar and I kinda like it. It had a very home-y sense, since this is the place that we used to spend most of our time, just the three of us, the gang. 

Benji sits down on the couch in the living room area, and I take a seat next to him, Everett taking the chair opposite us. "This place still looks the same," Benji says, looking around, observing. 

Everett nods, "Yep, things haven't changed much since you guys have been gone." 

I look at him, "We never left, Everett…" 

"It kinda felt like you did," He replies. 

Benji looks at him, "Can't we put all of this behind us?" 

Everett sighs, taking out a packet of cigarettes, "I guess we can," He says. "I missed you both you know," 

"I missed you too," I say looking at him. 

Everett nods, lighting up the cigarette then blowing out a puff of smoke, "I missed you too, Indie," He says looking at me. "You look good by the way… Sirens of TI treating you well, huh?" 

I raise an eyebrow, "How do you even know about that?" I ask him, ignoring the fact that he said I looked good. 

He reaches behind him, grabbing a magazine. He tosses it to me, and it's then I see that it's Vegas Magazine itself. "Flip to page 250," He instructs. 

I flip to the page, looking to see a giant picture of me. There's a lengthy article about me, about how I'm now the talk of the town, starring in Sirens of TI. There's more pictures, some paparazzi-like shots of me and Benji walking down the street, as well as some professional, promotional shots that look pretty amazing. I read some more of the article, and I'm kinda intrigued. How did I not find out about this? 
I toss the magazine back to him. "I've also been to see the show a few times, I will admit Indie, you're pretty good in it," He nods. 

I smile, "Thanks." 

He burns out his cigarette into an ashtray, then digging into his pocket, revealing a perfect little bag filled with the green dust that we know is pot. I smirk, looking at Benji as he smirks too. "Just like old times?" Benji says. 

Everett nods, getting out some rolling paper, "Just like the old times," He says, then getting out a gigantic bottle of Skyy vodka. 
Oh let the fun begin. 
Hours later, the suite reeks of weed and vodka and we're all baked… completely baked. I giggle, my head falling onto Benji's shoulder. The high is wearing off almost, but it was still amazing while it lasted. "What time is it?" I mumble, looking to Everett. 

Everett looks down at his watch, squinting slightly, "Um, ten!" He chuckles. 

I look to Benji, smirking, and praying he remembered our plan. He smirked back too though, so I had a feeling that he remembered. "We have to go, but we'll talk to you later!" Benji says, getting up. 

I stumble around, trying to find my shoes which I kicked off during some point. I find them, strapping them on my feet. "Bye!" I say, walking over to Everett's chair and giving him a big kiss on the cheek. 

He waves, "Bye Indie, bye Benj!" He says happily. 

I smile back at him walking out. I was happy we did this. It was like old times. It was like all was forgiven and things were now alright. "Gondolas here we come!" I say as we walk down the hall, Benji's hand slipping into mine. 

After going through the lobby and walking some more, we reached the Venetian. We slipped inside, going through The Grand Canal Shoppes. The gondola ride was officially all closed down. Some were docked by the sides however, and the shops were virtually empty. 

"Are we really going to do this?" I giggle. 

Benji nods, "Totally! When are we going to get another opportunity like this?" 

"Well," I say, "We do live in Vegas!" I remind him. 

"Shut up," He chuckles and carefully steps into a gondola. 

I follow him, stepping in as well. Once in the gondola I sit down, Benji sitting next to me as he did before. He kisses me roughly on my lips, his lips then trailing down my next and collarbone. Our clothes fall off with ease as we lie back in the gondola, smirking at each other. 

"That was amazing," I say after we had finished. Benji throws his arms around me, his breathing heavy like mine is also. 

"So much better considering it was in a gondola!" He chuckles. 

"Shut up," I giggle leaning in and kissing him. 

"Ready for round two already?" He asks. 

"You know it!" I say. 

It's just then that there's a flash of bright light and a very loud "Hey!" screamed at us. 
"Oh sh*t!" I say loudly, looking to see a security guard a few feet away.
I look at Benji panicky, throwing on my underwear and getting my t-shirt on, hopping out of the gondola, carrying the rest of my clothes and shoes. Benji follows behind me, shirtless and chuckling slightly, carrying his shoes. 

The security guard follows us, his flashlight shining on us and his footsteps loud and husky.
We run fast, until we're out of the Venetian and entering the Palazzo. Once inside the Palazzo, I begin to laugh hard. "Is he still following us?"

Benji laughs too, looking behind him, "I think we lost him," He says. 

I smile at him, "I guess that round two will have to happen back in my room," I smirk, taking his hand and leading him towards the elevators, flashing my room key to the attendant. 

We run down the hall, breaking into my room as Benji kisses me, leading me towards the bed as I fall back onto it, Benji climbing on top of me. My shirt and panties fall off with ease, the clothes falling to the pile that we had now formed. 
"Ready for round two?" He asks. 

I look at him, looking straight in his eyes and nodding, my head beating fast from our round one, and also beating fast from the fact that I'm so completely in love with him. 
"Ready as ever." I say before finally kissing him passionately. 
I was definitely ready… with Benji, I always was. 
And I always would be.
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