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[Saturday, November 17]: CHALLENGE: You’re challenge today is to dress accordingly for a wedding. This is a problem many girls don’t realize they face. You don’t want to outshine the bride, however you do want to stand out. Given you know what type of wedding you’ll be attending, choose a dress that fits the tone. Short? Long? Loose? Tight? Dark? Light? Attention can be brought to you, good or bad. Just remember…NEVER wear white to a wedding. (Design a set with attire you would wear to a wedding if you were a guest-Brielle’s wedding specifically-theme is rural/country/chic-even though the weather is cold in Michigan, we’re going to pretend it’s warm and summery).
►Event: It’s a gorgeous day in Michigan today! Perfect temperature and sunny weather. Everyone is flying to Traverse City, Michigan to witness Brielle marry Sam. The wedding ceremony will take place on Lake Michigan at sunset. Following the ceremony, guests will go across the street to Sam’s family estate where the party will continue. The reception will be outdoor in the Richetti’s backyard and you can also mingle in the barn. Dance with your fiancé all night under the stars to Brielle and Sam’s favorite music. They’re lucky enough to have booked Mumford & Sons, The Avett Brothers, and The Civil Wars.

- - - - 

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go to medical school, they said.
it'd be fun, they said.

i just spent the last 9 hrs reviewing reaction mechanisms and pKa values. i've lost track of all semblance of time and i'm on a much needed and well-deserved study break before i lose my mind. 

edit: yay impromptu dinner plans! :)
and took my medchem test! i felt pretty good about it, especially for studying 34hrs straight.

also, sorry for such a short story :| ]]

"Awwh, doesn't she look gorgeous?" Sera crooned, leaning her head lovingly against Ian's shoulder as she admired Brielle and her new husband enter the festivities known as the wedding reception.

"I've gotta admit, I've had my doubts, but she sure does know how to throw together a wedding. Gives me hope for ours," Ian commented, winking playfully at Sera, who in return nudged him rather hard with her elbow.

Ian gave a hearty laugh in reply as he grabbed ahold of Sera's hand and swiftly pulled her toward the dance floor as The Civil Wars began to play 'Poison and Wine'. 

She fixed her dress in the hurry toward the center of the crowd, tugging at the hem of her grey-and-yellow Erdem dress that she chose specifically to accompany the rustic western chic theme of Brielle's wedding. Thankfully, Sera had kicked off her cowboy boots from earlier in replace of an ironically more comfortable pair of heels.

She always did have a reputation for living in heels, anyways.

The music picked up and Ian pulled her closer to him, swaying gently to the beat. He spun her around and pulled her back close, making Sera giddy like a little girl.

"Quite the mighty fine dancer, Mr. Kensington," she commented.

"Oh I have plenty of moves you haven't seen yet," he replied with another infamous wink that surely made Sera's cheeks turn a soft pink.

"You're insufferable," she said.

"And you still love me nonetheless." Ian replied, placing a gentle kiss at the tip of her nose, like a butterfly.

Sera nodded in agreement as she stretched her arms out, only to rest them on Ian's shoulder, folding her hands at the back of his neck as her fingers ran carelessly through his curly hair.

The soft music continued, allowing Sera to rest her head under Ian's chin. She felt so comfortable, so safe there and it was perhaps one of the greatest feelings in the world; being so close to not just your soul mate, but your twin flame.

- - - - 

So Sera chose to go with a yellow-and-grey lace short dress for the wedding in hopes of complimenting the theme. She brought along a cardigan in case it got chilly and a jacket to look a bit more classy and respectable. During the wedding, she wore cowboy boots to pay homage to the western theme, but obviously she doesn't think they are very comfortable, and opted to go with a pair of similar looking heels for the reception. To finish off the look, she chose a simple black clutch and a pearl necklace.
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