Hiii. (:
It's been a while since i made a set, about a week.. I think. O.o
Anyways, I've been pretty busy lately and my laptop is more annoying then usual. It took me like FOREVER to finish this, and i'm not sure if i even like the way it came out. \:
Also, my 'polyvore' page is still...Stuck. 
Ugh it's sooo annoying. I can't see any sets that people that I'm following publish, i can only see about 15 of them. For the past half and hour (I think?) all i've been doing is trying to go into as many peoples profiles and like as many sets as i could. But still it was so annoying because my laptop kept going crazy so eventually i just stopped. 
But thats not all. There's more. 
I can't make sets without my laptop getting stuck every two minutes, and trust me it's not fun. Sometimes it even gets stuck when i don't save my draft and then I have to start everything all over again. 
And on top of all of that ^^ I also don't have any inspiration right now. I've made so many drafts with so many clothes in them and i just can't decide on anything. Grrr. 
Last thing,, don't exept more sets anytime soon. I might be able to make one tommrow since it's going to be friday.. but i'm not sure. 
Well i guess that;s about it... I'm going to reply to all the messages i have in my inbox. 
Bye (:

Inspired by- http://www.polyvore.com/tried_playing_it_cool_but/set?id=41670144
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