Hi polyfriends :) 
For this set i was inspirated by school wich is starting next week here. I'm not so happy about it, but, i know i have to go, so i will...Maybe new start isn't so bad. I'll see my friends again, i didn't see them all summer. But that is like the only good thing. When school starts on september 1st, it's like...i can't describe that feel. I don't know is this good or bad thing. Bad thing is all studing, exams, waking up early etc. But good thing is me and my friends together, laughing in school hallways, all gossips etc..I just can't deside is school good or bad thing...I hope this school year will be cool and fun (even that is like imposible :D). 
Somehow, school remind me on Gossip Girl..that is btw, reason because i created this set. Blair Waldorf is my favourite girl on GG. She remind me on myself. I can't wait to see what will be with her and Chuck. Actually I can't wait to see new season. It's gonna be so much fun. 
When i put all those things together, maybe semtember won't be such bad month after all. September = new season of Gossip Girl, new start, new school year, old friends, old gossips, my b-day...Yeah, there is lost of things going on.. We'll see how everything will be on the end. 
And..at the end..I know one thing for sure..It won't be boring around here :)
Happy new school year dear friends :)
See ya
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