monday; classes. it's boring but we have to go.

I walked out the Parson in a hurry, it was almost 7 and the sun was saying to me goodbye behind the NY skyline.
As I went out the glass door of the school I noticed Damon staring at me with a wide smile. 
"Hi princess" he took my hand and gave me a light kiss on the palm.
I raised one eyebrow, letting me lead through the busy street "did I miss something? like we had to go on a date?"
"Not really, I just wanted to see you, is it that bad?"
"No, at all. I had a hell of a day so I'm glad to see you" I smiled, sincerely happy.
I snaked a arm around his waist as he put a hand on my shoulder "Do you always go to school dressing like this?"
I nodded, eyeing my strapeless top "Yes, I mean...I'm just wearing some jeans and a top, nothing pretentious"
He laughed tossing his head back, "I have to say you look gorgeous with that jeans, they make your bootie look gorgeous"
"Is what you said to that Aria girl too?" I cocked my head aside, ignoring his attempt to flatter me.
I felt Damon's body tensing next to mine "It was just job you know. I was with Nate"
I looked straight on, tighting my jaw.
He stopped walking, taking my chin with two fingers and raising gently my face to him "are you jealous?"
"No" I said coldly and I was not lying. I was not jealous, just possessive.
I get rid of him and folded my chest with my arms, starting to walk again and leving him behind me.
Damon took two long step for reaching for me, grabbing my shoulder "You're acting like a fool"
"I don't care. It's ok Damon, you can do whatever you want. Just I don't wanna get involved." I snorted cursing myself. F.uck it I just wanted to have fun.
He shrugged, walking next to me with his hands in the pocket of his black suit, "I know you don't care, but I do."
My mouth dropped open. F.uck. But maybe I was misunderstanding. "I thought you had a thing for Jess"
"I thought that too, but I was wrong. The night of the d&g party I tried to tell her that I had some kind of feelings for her, she just pushed me away. The funny thing is, I was not sorry about it. Actually I felt relieved, because now I'm sure that yes I love her, but just like a friend"
I nodded silently, staring at my toes, relaxing a little. I looked around, it was dark and the temperature was getting lower. I noticed a guy walking on the opposite sidewalk, he looked a lot like Jake. I froze, observing him, but obviously he wasn't him. I shook my head, my mind was playing tricks with me and I didn't like it.
"So?" Damon spoke out, "you don't have anything to say?"
"we're still just two people having fun. Or at least trying to" I gave him a weak smile, taking gently his hand in mine.
"I've had fun my whole life Soph, I know how it works. Now something happened and I wanna stop this rollercoaster, I'm sick of it"
I turned my face to him, frowning "What happened?"
Damon stopped and squeezed my hand pulling me next to him. I let him take my face in his hands while I handed his wrists. He leant in and kissed me, twirling slowly his tongue around mine and sucking my lower lip as he pulled away. 
"You happened" he finally said, locking his icy eyes with mine "I don't wanna go aout with any other girl. you've got enough personality for at least three so I'm cool with it."
"Oh this is cute" I laughed, hearing myself the hysterics in my tone, "but I don't know if I'm ready, maybe we should take things more slowly"
"I'm not asking you anything Soph, I just wanna let you know I might be serious with you. You just...just-" he looked down at me, as to find the right world "just think about it, ok?"
"Ok" I raised on tiptoes to give him a quick kiss, "sounds fair."
He beamed, satisfied of my answer. Probably he had got ready for the worst, like me saying to go to hell.
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Wrote 6 years ago
hsdhgisdhg. If you like him do it. But me, little voice in your head and pretty damn loud noise in your realty will always shout: "NOOOOOOOOO". love you. let's go to the movies tonight. xx,Ar

Wrote 6 years ago
Thanks dear, I'm fine too, though school is really irritating me, those teachers can be very dumb sometimes. You know I love all of your sets, and you are a great storyteller :).

Wrote 6 years ago
uhm I guess so. I'm trying to.

Wrote 6 years ago
i love the combo, this is amazing



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