do it now by ingrid michaelson
alex ivory 
pretty wicked

Tuesday, June 26th; As we all know, tradition is something that is highly upheld here in Coldgrove and nothing is held higher than cotillion. If you’re making your debut then head on down to the Coldgrove Country Club for a little rehearsal tonight. We’ll be practicing our waltzes and looking picture perfect. Yeah, it’s a little superficial but... yeah. 

"Left, right, left, right" the event coordinator called, yelling faster and faster, louder and louder.
I moved side to side, Tyler's arms wrapped around my waist. I stepped on his foot and tripped in the 3 inch heels that were mandatory to the practice.
"Sh-it!" I yelled. "I can't do this. It's so stupid." I cupped my face in my hands.
"What are you doing?" the lady said with her thick accent. "Okay, okay. Fine. Take a break. 5 minutes and then get back to work!"

"Why are we here?" I turned to Tyler as I was attempting to unstrap my unbearable heels. 
"Just remember, your dad's coming on thursday. You want to impress him, right?"
I did. 
"Okay, back to work! We have to practice walking now!" she called. Seriously? 
I looked around to see if anyone was actually on board with her thoughts. Alexa? Why was she here? I was quite surprised that she, of all people, would come to this.
"Hi" I whispered lightly as we were standing in line. "How come you came?"
"Don't ask" she replied sarcastically and turned away.
I saw Alexa at the other end of the room, and when our eyes met, and the event coordinator started nagging us again, we both burst out laughing. She must have heard us, because she gave me a nasty, sour look.
"Please, get me out of here." I whispered to Tyler as we were preparing to walk down the stairs of the country club ballroom. 
"Remember, walk down slowly and ladylike, Alex." the woman called as I walked down quickly and impatiently, tugging on Tyler's arm. Big Mistake. I tripped on the second to last stair and flipped off onto the floor. Luckily I had let go of Tyler just before so he didn't fall. He quickly jumped over the remaining steps and let his hand out to help me up. 
"You okay?" he asked.
I got up quickly and flattened my dress. "I'm good." I called.
"I see you've learned your lessons, kids. Now, get back up there and try again." 

On the way out, I passed Dylan. "Are you okay?"
"I'm fine,"
"God that woman is such a b.itch.! I can't believe she made you do it again. Got to go, see you tomorrow!" she said as she walked over to her car. 
I was walking to my car when I got a text from Luke.
'Do you wanna come over? I need to talk to you.' 
I was just about to reply when I bumped into someone who was also not looking.
"Sorry!" it was Tabby. "I really need to stop texting and walking!" I added.
"It's fine. Who are you texting?" 
"Oh no one important. Don't worry about it."
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