I really am. But here is your SUPERLATE birthday set @tell-me-more !!! But better late than never, huh? So even though I'm super late I wish you all the best to your birthday! May all your dreams come true, blah blah blah :D Uuuuuum yeah...hope you had a great day!!! And I also hope you like this set :)
I'm so glad that my mom alouded me to use her laptop! THANKS MOM!


Ha ha, I'm watching Titanic right now :D
Soccer was on tonight (Borussia Dortmund 2 - 1 Werder Bremen YAIY) and I didn't knew what to watch after it, so yeaaaah...Titanic. Ship is sinking. Best part of the movie. Means it's over soon ^^

School sucks. I wrote my history exam today and I think I failed. But look what I did today: http://instagram.com/p/OufIMxFB9a/ Look at my ears. Look at the white stud earrings. Aah I'm happy that I finally did it. It was about time!! It was lil expensive (19.90€) but it's worth it when you want to be sure that you won't get an infection, because some hairdresser pierced your ear lobe for 5€. I would never go to a hairdresser for that, just because it's cheaper!!!!


Uuuhm yeah...I think that's it for now (gotta go watch Jack a.k.a. Leo dying and asking myself again why he is too stupid to get on that piece of wood - whatever it exactly is).
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(I know it's stupid!)
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