- A BEAUTIFUL video by Nanalew ( that has a beautiful song that I can't stop thinking about. Anyway.

I will endorse any movie that puts Logan Lerman in Dr. Martens. Or a plaid shirt. Or just shows up, really. Haha, but seriously...Logan Lerman in a plaid shirt and Dr. Martens. I want to go up to the person that made this happen and go, "Shut up and take my money!" Okay, maybe not so drastic, haha. It's late. I'm getting weird.

Soooo. Sad part is, I haven't even seen this movie. Yet. Good part is...I'M SEEING IT TOMORROW WITH MY FRIEND AND OHMYGOD YESSSSSSSS. A-hem. Let me pretend to be normal for a moment (ha, like that's ever gonna happen).

Well. Anyway. Back to re-watching the trailer. Man, even that makes me tear up. Better remind myself to ditch the mascara and bring tissues tomorrow, haha. God. Logan. He reminds me of this guy at my school I was seriously in love with (so bad), and his picture just showed up on my facebook feed and it's a close-up, with his eyes and little smirk, and now I'm hearing him in Logan's voice and ohlordohlordohgod. i can't do this. Damn hormones. Great time for them to show up. I'm gonna be a mess tomorrow. Aye-yi-yi. Sorry to just turn into nonsense there for a bit. I really think I need help sometimes. :P

Sigh. Well, I'm probably not done for now. I may or may not be back for more Perks-related schtuff. We'll have to see. But, if the movie's even half as good as the trailer, there will probably be at least more set outa this. We'll see, we'll see... ;)

Update: Oh ma lordy-be. I didn't even think this set would have half as popular as it was, haha. 26+ likes in less than 12 hours...what is this madness??? But I guess that just goes to show that this is a brilliant movie. Perks is just that good, eh? ;)
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Wrote 4 years ago
Hahaha, thaaaaaanks. They're really just my inner thoughts run completely and utterly wild. I'm seriously crazy, but it's all good, I swear! Haha. xD
I'm just really glad they're appreciated, so thank you soooooo much for that, I don't feel as insane now, haha. xD

Wrote 4 years ago
You have the funniest descriptions. Just saying :)

Wrote 4 years ago
Thanks!!! :D And I'm really excited to see it, not gonna lie, haha, I'm even drinking a milkshake right now in honor of it ("What do you want to drink, Charlie" "A milkshake" "What do you wanna eat?" "A milkshake"), I'm such a dork. xD

Wrote 4 years ago
this set is great, this movie was great, and so is the book. i hope you enjoy it :)



Why was I given emotions?

Why was I given emotions?

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