good morning everybody. you are looking gorgeous today, but i bet you already know that because you look gorgeous every day! :) i'm just stating the facts, honey. look into your mirror and say " i am beautiful " " i am strong. " over and over until you finally believe it. 'cause you deserve to know the truth.

anyways, how was your day? was it as horrid as mine? probably not, haha. welp, if your day was great, then that's good. if it wasn't, wanna talk about it? i'm here for you. <3

and for those who just started school, or are going to start school soon, hope you had/ have fun! :D

anyways, i woke up at like 5 o clock in the morning and threw up twice all over my bed. and then i took a shower, and threw up in the shower. and then i laid down on the couch for a while and threw up twice again. ugh. i had a bad morning. i missed school, and it's only the SECOND day of school. hoeihwda. i wish i could go back to elementary, whenever you were absent, the teacher took care of everything. now it's all asdfgjkl;.

i literally was gonna go to school this morning. seriously. but i decided not to 'cause i had like 4 hours of sleep and probably looked like crud, AND i didn't wanna throw up on everybody. xDD

but don't worry. i'm better. cx

if you read that all, then god bless your soul and thank you! :)

stay beautiful and strong.


OH AND ALSO, THANKS FOR ALL THE NOTIFICATIONS AGAIN! :D you guys are awesome. and all the set likes. muah muah muah. cx
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