I really love using gold and white in sets. I don't know if I have ever done it before. I really love this set though. 

30 Character Challenge: 

Day 25 – Your first time, in great detail • Who was it with, when was it, where was it, was it good, how did it shape your mentality about sex, what happened after with the guy

Well this is awkward since I’m a virgin and all...

Day 26 – Your fears, in great detail • What are you afraid of, why, where do they stem from

My fears. Hmm. My fears actually freak me out to talk about. Is there such thing as a fear of your fears? I guess it is best to dive right in. My biggest fear ever is that I will lose everything and everyone that I love if I tell them I am a lesbian. I’ve heard stories of people losing those things by simply being who they are and it freaks me out. I just know my parents wont be okay with it. This fear controls a lot of what I do but I am trying to move past it....slowly.
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