My talent: Creative Intelligence. :)

Why this talent?: Because all my life I believe I've been extremely smart, when I was 8 I was in the reading level of my 14yr old neighbor. I guess I've been extremely selfish when it comes to my IQ, but I've pretend to be stupid sometimes so my genius doesn't intimidate the less fortunate people that are completely oblivious to the fact that there is indeed a greater, more intelligent, life force out there, that there is indeed, a prodigy among them.

Why do I feel it's unique?: Because superior beings are going extinct, soon, we'll all be like this guy:

(Btw, this is a joke, I do feel like I'm smart for my age, but I also feel like my humorous genius should be mentioned. ;D AND, I do not feel like a superior being... well, not all the time.)
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