Please forgive this tardy set but, happy belated to my dear friend @ashley-rebecca! :)
I hope that you have had a splendid time celebrating your birthday with your friends and family. Never wait for the iron to be hot to strike, make it hot by striking ;)

Did another tag: (tagged by @rosesred)
Answer these questions and make a different set called "I will love you soon, but not now". Then tag 20 people. If I tagged you, YOU HAVE TO take this survey and repost it! Remember to tag me because I want to know more about you! (Only if you want to!).
A - ALBUM YOU LAST BOUGHT: Ed Sheeran deluxe album, +.
B – BAND NAME: As in my favourite band or what I would call my band? If I had my own band I will probably call it Flamingoes Doodle.
C - CELEB CRUSH: Andrew Garfield haha. But come on, who isn't in love with this adorable guy?!!! And Logan Lerman too :)
E - EARLIEST MUSIC MEMORY: Barney or Hi-5? :p
F - FAVORITE SONG ABOUT LOVE: Forever and Always by Parachute. Cue the inundation of tears.
G - GUY BANDS OR GIRL BANDS: Guy bands! Or those mix of girl-guy bands. I don't really fancy girl bands.
H - HAPPY SONG: All About Us by He Is We ft. Owl City
I - IN LOVE WITH ANY BAND RECENTLY? I am in love with a thousand and one bands haha. Mainly All Time Low now because of their upcoming new album!
K - (BEST) KISSING SONG: My first kiss went a little like this ;) (isn't the best but it was what came to my mind first)
L - LONGEST CONCERT: A F1 race concert, but it was pretty fun since I was near the stage.
U - UGLIEST BAND (AS IN MUSIC): Hmm, can't think of any now. 
V - VEGETARIAN?: Every time I try being one, things don't go smoothly. I would forget that I am vegetarian and drink a soup with mince meat in it. #failure
W - WORST GUILTY PLEASURE: Youtube and desserts! 
X - X-RAYS YOU'VE HAD: Two for my backbone.
Z - ZOO ANIMAL: I love Tigers (my zodiac, so in a way I am a little bias). Their fierce edge and feral look makes me love them! I also like deers and baby porcupines but those are more of the 'why are you so cute' love.
-Unicorn name? Blueberry poppy sprinkle.
-Sex song?: Is Whistle a sex song? I quite like the tune of it hehe.
-Favorite Condiment?: Not a fan of condiments.
-Place you would live in?: Anywhere in the UK! I adore Paris, but my French is just horrendous. London would be nice, I can just faint at the British accents there haha. Hmm, Italy was always intriguing to me. Such a romantic place! The list goes on... :)
-Favorite Tea?: Does milk tea count? :p I like those with a tinge of fruitiness to it. This cranberry tea which I just bought is lovely!
-Crowdsurfing or moshing?: Crowdsurfing! Never done that before but I would love to! Moshing is just... Uh, not my style.
-Fruity Gum or Minty Gum?: Minty gum to keep the breath fresh!
-Crunchy or Chewy Chips Ahoy?: Neither.
-Best Video Game?: Mario is my childhood and future. Call of Duty is pretty intense, but I can't score well in it haha :p
Do you like this quiz?: Questions are cute :)

What are you wearing?: Hawaiian Beach shorts with a white top 
Necklaces?: Anything with flowers. But I don't wear them often.
Bracelets?: I love those with charms :)
Your eye color?: Black
Your hair color?: Black
Short or long hair?: Short, almost like a gangster. 
Height?: I am astoundingly short, 5"0 :p
Nail Polish?: None, I don't fancy putting nail polish for some reason. But I love ogling at pictures of French manicures.

Here goes my tagging~ @lemongirl, @diegolohve, @notelover and @evangeline :)
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