~Wolf Gang, The King and All Of His Men {amazing song @istylista @akafashionqueen}

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Just a random set. But I do have some things to say below! Mini-bloggy time! 

FIRST. This lovely fresh face is Fifi Newbery! I've made two collections for her here: http://www.polyvore.com/fresh_face_fifi_newbery/collection?id=1247040 and http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=1247044

SECOND. I have to tell you guys something that is making me so nervous!! So I am in FCCLA at my school and I am the co-President and well we're having this assembly tomorrow for the entire junior and senior class and I have to be up on stage for the entire hour-long assembly! All I have to say is my name but... on stage for the whole assembly! I am so nervous and I have major stage fright and I don't want people to like make fun of what the assembly is about or stare at me the whole time because I hate being in front of people... Oh my gosh I am so nervous and it's tomorrow and I just wish I could blink and tomorrow would be over... 

THIRD. This picture of Sean O'Pry makes me drool... http://www.polyvore.com/brunette_silhouette/thing?id=47286753

FOURTH. I am still freaking out about the assembly tomorrow... 

FIFTH. I love the pastel colors in this set. And I want that amazing bag. 

SIXTH. I can't stop obsessing over Larc 77! Freaking best wires in the whole world! Check is the best! @istylista 

SEVENTH. [SPOILER ALERT] America's Next Top Model... What has happened to TV... I am boycotting a show that was once very addictive... Now it makes me mad... 

EIGHTH. I would like to say that it's getting really cold here and I really hope we have a snow day soon.

NINTH. Like tomorrow, please? SNOW DAY SNOW DAY SNOW DAY. 

TENTH. This boy that likes me was so obvious about it today and I did laugh because he's funny... I don't know how I feel about him yet... 

Okay. I guess that's all. Mini-bloggy over. Time to go try and do something that gets my mind off the assembly tomorrow... 

Le sigh.

Thank you all for all of your sweet comments and faves, I appreciate them so much <33

xx Taylor
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