You two are on the front cover of a magazine, how do you pose?

 Harry - He’s carrying you in his arms, one of your legs dangle in his arms while the other is pointed-toe straight up. Your arm is linked around his neck and you’re pointing to his cheek, right in the dimple. He’s smiling comically large while it’s evident that you’re laughing even in the 2D photograph.

 Louis – You’re both sitting sideways on a large armchair. Your legs going over one arm rest and your head the other. Louis is tickling you and you’re in mid-punch position. The two of you are laughing to the point that there are almost tears in your eyes. Anyone could tell that you’ve known each other for a long time, even in the 2D photograph.

 Liam - You’re on his back, the crook of his elbows hooked around the underside of your knees. Both of you smiles are impossibly huge and the love for each other is evident even in the 2D photograph.

 Niall - Niall’s fingers are linked behind his back - showing off his killer upper body strength. You’re standing beside him fake flexing and wearing the hat that was originally planned to go with his outfit. You’re trying to pull of a serious and sexy smoulder but failing miserably, it’s clear that Niall is rolling his eyes at you even in the 2D photograph. 

 Zayn - You’re sitting on a backwards chair, leaning over the backrest towards the camera. Zayn is standing behind you with his elbow resting on the top of your head & his chin in his hand. Both of you are laughing and making silly faces. It’s easy to tell that the two of you are having a good time even in the 2D photograph.
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Wrote 4 years ago
@pookiepie control your emotions

Wrote 4 years ago
Niall mmm

Wrote 4 years ago
Really oretty outfits!!

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