AHHHHH I'm having Gossip Girl seasons 1&2 drawbacks. I went back and watched part of the first season again. 

Le sigh. 

How I miss the old gossip girl. 

Let's see, I miss: 

-Blair and Serena's epic catfights
-Blair being a REAL bi.tch
-Serena being the crazy, wild, party girl
-Constance & St. Judes
-Bart and Lily 
- Innocent little J
- Blair and Nate 
-The high school parties
- Blair's crew: Kati, Isabel, Penelope, Hazel
- The friendship between Nate, Chuck, Blair, and Serena
- Scandals
- Lonely Boy and Serena
- The thanksgiving episodes
- headbands, headscarfs, brightly colored tights, knee high socks, blazers, ties
- bamf Georgina Sparks
- the jealousy and the lies
- B & S's relationship: frenemies
-Nate as the golden boy who only wants a good time
-the flashbacks
- Nate and Serena
- Everyone hating Dan
-Serena as queen
-late night escapades 

The show just used to be so real in a way. Glamourous, unattainable, and highly improbable yes, but very believable for the Upper East Side. It used to feature Blair and Serena's complicated relationship and the bond between the four main characters: B, S, C, and N. 

What is it now? 

A show where Blair and Serena are best friends. Blair is going out with Lonely Boy, Nate is the head of a huge company, while Chuck sulks about losing Blair and drinks all day long, as Serena's doing God-know's- what. Oh and let's not forget that Georgina took over Gossip Girl then gave it to Serena. WTF. Where's the fun in that? 

I wish this show would go back to it's roots. It's no fun now that everyone's out of high school.
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