Song of the day: Man in the Mirror - One Direction ( ah this brings me back to the X Factor days... I miss those boys so much.)

July 11, 2012

So here's the fun-filled 1D tag that has been sitting in my drafts for days now... Thanks to @frenchkitty for the amazayn tag ;)

Which 1D member do you have most in common with?
Harry Styles:
[] you have curly/wavy hair 
[]you’re cheeky and flirty
[] you have dimples
[] you have a British accent (I /really/ wish I did. I think in one all the time because things just sound better in a British accent... #truth)
[] you talk slowly
[]I’m the youngest of my friends
[X] I love white converse (I don’t know if I love them yet—gotta see if they go well with my wardrobe—but I just bought a pair!)
[] My favorite food is tacos
[] I have green eyes
[X] I love wearing blazers
[] I have a great voice
-2- (Daaangggg I totally wish I could’ve filled in more of these boxes! I was already stretching it a bit there with the “loving white Converse” thing)
Louis Tomlinson:
[X] I have straight hair (mostly straight, but okay…)
[X] I love to wear stripes
[X] I love pants that are above the ankle (well I don’t tend to look amaaaazing in them all the time so I don’t love them when they look horrible, but I defs roll my jeans on occasion)
[X] I own at least 1 pair of Toms (I own like 5 pairs of real espadrilles so that’s gotta count for something ;))
[] I have blue eyes
[] I have a British accent
[X] I’m the oldest of my friends (well by a few months… cause I’m a February baby ;) and they’re all born in like the spring/summer)
[]I’m sassy, outgoing and crazy
[X] I love to sing (but I’m terrible at it…)
[] I love girls/boys who eat carrots 
-6- (I actually think I have the least in common with Louis lol, but okay…)
Zayn Malik:
[X] I have amazing eyelashes 
[X] I have black/dark brown hair
[X] I’m quiet
[] I’m mysterious and the “badboy/badgirl” of the group
[X] I have piercings (well my ears are pierced…)
[] I’m the “devil” of my friends
[] I love varsity jackets (well I love them on Zayn!)
[X] I have great fashion senses (Well, I’d say that I do, but, but, but that doesn’t mean that I dress the way I wish I did cause…well…I don’t got no money for shopping =( )
[] I have a funny catch phrase
[X] I hate dancing (in public, yes)
[] I’m vain
[] I use hair products
[] I like to rap (well not excessively, but, yes, sometimes it’s fun)
[] I love to sing solos (I mean I don’t sing in the chorus or anything, so no… but I love to sing)
-6- (hmmm…. Six. Interesting.)
Liam Payne:
[] I change my hairstyle constantly
[] I’ve had my hair straight and curly before
[X] I’m as sweet as can be (I mean, I try…)
[X] I work hard to make people happy
[X] I love to be on Twitter (well, not so much now, but from time to time I have phases)
[] I love wearing plaid
[] I can pull off a closed or open-mouthed smile
[] I have a signature dance move
[] I love Disney films
[X] I love singing
[] I have a British accent
[] I’m like the father/mother of my friends
[X] I take care of the people I love
-4- (well, better than Harry, but seriously??? I freaking love this kid.)
Niall Horan:
[] I have amazing hair
[] I have an Irish accent
[] I bleach/dye my hair
[] I’m a hat person
[] I have rosy, red cheeks
[] I love sneakers
[X] I LOVE to eat food
[X] I like guitars (well I can’t play one, but it’s like on my bucket list to learn)
[X] I’m funny/like funny people (well I like funny people ;P)
[] I have blue eyes
[X] I had/have braces (curse those braces…)
[] I like to eat sweets for breakfast
[] I hate Disney films
[] I can do an Irish jig
[X] I love Liam (awww yeah!)
[X] I love to sing
-6- (ooh, yay, Nialler tied for first!)

Well alrighty, I guess that's that. So, btw, I let myself watch a slew of 1D interviews/videos for the first time in a looooong time. And I must say, releasing my inner fangirl was SO fun. Like so fun. I missed the days when I let myself fangirl like a mad woman. I also miss those boys... Yeah, yeah, I know. They're just growing up like everyone else. I get it. I still love them. Don't worry. Sigh. They're all just changing so much. Anyhoo. Now I tag my fellow fangirls (sorry if you've already been tagged a million times/have already done this... I'm a little behind on Poly ;P):
And yeahhh. I can't remember who else is a Directioner at this point. There's just so many now! So feel free to do it if you want (or don't if you don't want). 

And and and I promise this time I will go on Poly later tonight and catch up on a bunch of people's sets and go through all my tags! Sorry for being so behind! Love to all! xx

p.s. Fun fact: this time last year I was on a plane home from Paris. Oh Paris. Tu me manques.
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