It seemed like a long time since I began reading Forever by Pete Hamill. I kept reading, stopping, and reading some more. Near the last pages of it, I just wanted the whole thing to be done with. I'm glad I struck it out. It was a bit predictable in some parts. I'm not really a religious person but it had a lot to do with different religions, cultures. It made you learn. It made me think. It made me wonder about that fateful day in New York - or many of the days that have ruled New York's streets, villages. Times change but not always for the better. Cormac had to change his whole life. Ireland to New York wasn't easy for him. The past was always with him. He had to learn things to survive on his own and with others. It seemed like he never truly got to know a person, especially women. But then even that changed. He was a new man in the same "old" body, as you will. It didn't matter which name he used, it just mattered that his friends knew the real him. The story of youth, the sword, the family secrets. He traded his life for the things that he thought he never wanted. He had to love women without truly feeling anything for them. It wasn't a "new york minute" for him. It was his whole life, his being. 

Songs and quotes I liked below from the book

songs - 
Jolene - Ray LaMontagne
eyes open - taylor swift
safe and sound - the civil wars ft. Taylor Swift [hunger games soundtrack]
if i had a gun - Noel Gallagher
is there life out there - Reba McEntire 
I go to sleep - sia
bother - stone sour
goodbye - Avril Lavigne
the only place - best coast
Quelqu'un M'a dit - carla bruni
daughters lament - the carolina chocolate drops [hunger games soundtrack]
scullery - clifford t. ward
rootless tree - Damien Rice
the spider and the lamps - forgive Durden ft Max Bemis
if i ever stray - frank turner
A girl, A boy, and a graveyard - Jeremy Messersmith

Quotes I liked:

"The warning was Irish; the Irish would do what they must to survive." 

"We must be very careful," Fergus said. "Whatever you do, don't speak Irish in public. Not a word. Give them no excuse. Create no suspicion. They are worse than fools. They are murderous fools."

"If you want him badly," she said, "You'll have to cross an ocean."

“The boy admonished himself for wanting everything to be a story. And now realized that some journeys were not stories. On some journeys, nothing really happened. You just kept taking steps.” 

“Human beings want to know too much abut each other, and that's why there are so many lies.” 

"New York, he was learning, was a city of the present tense, an enternal now."

"An old man rose in fury, his white hair spiky against the dark sky, and cried: "Come and fight, you feckers! Come and die!" And then was smashed by a cannonball, knocked over into death like a bowling pin"

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