I sat by myself at our usual booth in the corner and stared out the window, trying to keep my finger tapping to a minimal. They should have been here by now and I didn't understand what the hold up was. I was bad at waiting especially waiting alone. Usually it would be the four of us on a day like this but Pierce and I had broken up yet again. And yes it was the for bazillionth time, that was to be expected. The only thing that wasn't to be expected were the millions of miles that were going to separate us from my new job in a couple of weeks. I hadn't told anyone yet which is why I was so anxious today. 

I tugged at the collar my jacket then I decided to take it off. I picked up my phone discovering three whole minutes had past from the last time I glanced at it. I pressed speed dial. Bren was probably the only person I'd ever used the speed dial feature for but then again she was the only person who ever proved herself worth it. I hung up as I noticed her walking through the door...and looking like a massive wreck.
“Why do you look like sh*t?”
“Thanks for that J….” she laughed I shrugged, it was the truth
“Brenn you’re wearing sweats. You never wear sweats.”
“It’s been a hard weekend.” she said plainly and sat down next to me
Then I noticed something.....
“Where’s Adam?” I asked looking towards the door
“I dumped him.”
Whaaat??? I practically spit my cappuccino out all over the table and looked at her in total honest disbelief.
“Oh my god finally. What happened?! Did he get all romantic and propose weirdly at the reception? Oooo did he finally admit to that problem you were telling me you thought he ha-”
“I slept with Ryan.” she cut me off sending me into another choking rampage.
After I caught my breath I couldn't really say anything. I looked at her. I couldn't believe it, she had slept with ....Ryan, who was hot, hypnotically hot. I shook my head and to think they hated each other, which was nothing but pent up sexual frustration from the both of them. This was all so not like Bren I wanted to say something but I couldn't I was still in shock. Most important, how could I tell her I was leaving for California after something like this. I looked at her. I wanted to tell her. We had gotten so close over the past few months it was gonna hurt to leave her more than Pierce.
“Well say SOMETHING.”
“.....How was it!?!” I asked feeling I needed to change the mood plus there was no way she wasn't telling me all the details on this one.
She looked at me blankly
“Come on, I’ve been saying how fine he is for years! But you’re all “I hate him, he’s a pig, he’s a womanizer”
“It seems like there’s a thin line between hate…and epically good sex…” my mouth gaped and I laughed louder than I intended
“It’s about fuc.king time. God I have held my tongue about Adam, but honestly? I think he might be gay. So what about Ryan? Are you going to see him again?? How did it happen?”
“I'm not going to see him again J. He left when we got to the wedding. He didn’t even say goodbye.”
"Wait..What? You mean he broke you guys up....and he didn't say anything to you..like at all?"
She replied as she shook her head no looking down at her cup. It occurred to me at that moment how bad this was for her.
"No I waited... I thought that when I broke up with Adam he would come and... but he never did and I just waited..." I saw a tear as she paused to keep it together.
That was the moment I felt something for another person that I hadn't too much felt for many people in my life. I felt her hurt for this whole thing and all I could do was wrap her head on my shoulder as she let the other tears fall
I stared at the photo of my empty studio back in California. I missed it so much but I couldn't deny nothing felt better than being home in New York. I hadn't been to this coffee shop in forever. My favorite thing about it was how the coffee was so strong the smell instantly hit my taste buds. I stood out front and snapped a photo of the building before I walked in.
"What can I get for you?" the girl asked behind the counter
"I'd like a chocolate berry cappuccino please."
"I'm sorry but we don't sell those anymore..." she looked at me blankly
"What? When did you-"
"JADE!!" I heard a gasp from beside me.
My eyes popped instantly recognizing the voice. I turned to see Brennica standing dead in her tracks. Her eyes were big and twinkling, I smiled at a total loss for words. She looked exactly the same as the last time we saw each other, which must have been ages. Her long brunette hair was pulled up into a tight bun made her look way prettier than I remembered. I laughed as she ran up to me in a bear hug.
"Oh my godddd! Jade!! What the h.ll are you even doing here in New York??!!" she looked like the perfect mixture of confused, happy, and excited like only she could.
"Well actually I'm back.... I've moved back to New York now" I didn't realize how that sounded until it fell off my lips
I hadn't told anyone. I mean I didn't really have anyone to tell... or so I thought. The look in Bren's eyes told me else wise. But I just thought over the years we lost touch, we stopped writing one another, and once the letters stopped... she didn't visit anymore. I didn't know what to think. 
"J!!..." she looked at me blankly "How the f.ck could you not call me?? This is huge babe!!"
"I don't know... I just...." I shrugged not knowing what to say.
I couldn't tell her the truth so I lied.
"I was going wait to call you,... when I knew that the move was official and I actually just got the call a few minutes ago so...." I smiled "...here I am I guess"
"Babe!! You r back in New York!! For good!! That's amazing!!! I mean seriously you don't know how happy that makes me!! Although you still should've called! I can't believe you didn't call me J!"
"I know I'm and soo sorry sweetie..." I said genuinely happy to see the only girl in the world I could ever call my best friend...EVER.
"I'll forgive you over lunch!" she took something out of her bag
"Now?" I smiled
"No sweetie, I wish we could go now but I've got work in an hour. How about you meet me later or tomorrow?"
"Oh,... yeah sure later's fine."
"Great here's the address." she handed me a business card with her name and building number
"Okay " I smiled at her again
"Jade I'm seriously happy your back babe, like seriously. I missed you so much." we hugged one more time as she said good bye
.....and just like that I was waving her good-bye again......


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uhhh YES!!

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you mean like a rent controlled 2 bedroom in the village??

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well a hotel for now... *shrugs* until I can find something good

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(looove! and hooot set!!)
I'm so happy you're back!! Where are you staying?!?

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