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September 2: The first football game of the year takes place this evening. It is our rival school so get decked out in North Shore colors (red, white, and black) and show support for our football hotties. 

"Whooo!! Go North Shore!" I screamed on the top of my lungs. A football had just flown by and I heard shrieks of joy so I joined in. I started clapping as loud as I could, to make it look like I knew what was going on and that I was a supportive member of the audience. "Go Ethan!" I clapped some more, happy that I was burning calories along the way.

It was funny that I was so happy for Ethan, he had joined the football team only last year since he had moved here just last year. Still, he had made so many friends and had become an "it" guy. He /was/ the perfect boyfriend ever...he had all the qualities, and more. For now, I decided I'll just play along until I find something bad about him, something so I could have an excuse for leaving him. Because I can't just dump him for nothing, right? I'm not like that.

Suddenly I saw a shadow come from behind me. When I turned around,I could see the shadow belonged to Pandora, that interesting-looking photography freak. When I had met her earlier this weak, I was creeped out, but she doesn't seem so bad anymore. 

"You know you're rooting for the wrong team, right?" she said dryly, taking a seat next to me. It was empty, so I let her have it, but really, I had preferred her to sit somewhere else. Yet, I didn't say anything. 

I shook my head, totally confused. "What? What do you mean? Doesn't that mean that we just won?" I quickly looked behind me and a few band geeks (why were they even at the game?) were snickering at me. I grunted in frustration. "I'll never understand football. Or any sport, for that matter."

Pandora laughed, tying her hair into a ponytail that showcased her horrendous split-ends and frizzy hair. "I don't think you need to, the game's over now."

I gasped. "Wait, so that means we lost?" I could hear the desperation mixed with confusion in my voice.

This time, she really laughed. "No," she sighed. "Isn't your boyfriend a football player? I bet he could teach you something about it."

I thought about it... "I don't know.." Just then, I saw a group of blondes running over to the bleachers. I got up and smoothed the barely-there wrinkle in my shorts. "Gotta run. Nice talking to ya, Pandora."

I didn't have time to hear her response so I ran to the group of cheerleaders. "Hey, Kylie, great cheering out there! You all did an amazing job!" Kylie and I hug-squealed. 

She took a long chug from her water bottle and smiled. "Thanks, Lindsey. You should cheer too. I'm sure you could join the team." 

Kinsey, the ex-Plastic, walked by and giggled. "Lindsey? A cheerleader? Wow... even if she wanted to join, the squad's already full." she turned to me. "Sucks for you, loser."

I ignored her comment and went back to talking to Kylie. "Aw, that's too bad," she said sympathetically. "Anyway, who were /you/ just talking to you?" she pointed over to Pandora, who was still sitting alone in her seat. 

"Oh, that was Pandora. For your information, /she/ was talking to me." I clarified, laughing inside.

Kylie shook her head in disappointment. "She really does /not/ know how to dress. She's almost as weird as Arizona."

"But at least Arizona can pull it off." I looked back at the field and saw Ethan smiling at me. I flashed a smile back at him before continuing, "And besides, I'm done with trying to help lost causes. I tried to help Ellie with her wardrobe earlier this week, and she still dresses like a weirdo."

Kylie and I started walking back to the field to greet the players. "I guess some people like her are just helpless." Kylie said as we were walking past Pandora.

I nodded, agreeing. Even though I knew she had heard us and even though I agreed with Kylie, I still felt bad for the girl. I just didn't know why.


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