--edit:: what on earth is this? this was the only simple set i didn't like -.- but thank you all so so so much. this really makes me smile c: #oohtopset --

sotd; out of the woods - taylor swift ♕
date; o5.o3.'15
[bday countdown; 40 days] {i think}
motd: @the-poly-chefs bc the seg van are there yay
comment below and the person with the funniest//random//stand-out comment will be here tomorrow!
cotd; connor, you really deserved all those d/ck comments bc your post was kinda... sexual. even with you being gay and stuff it was funny
see the pic here :: https://instagram.com/p/zySkDiDlRB/?modal=true
book of the week; Rapture (H.S) by harryfngirl
video of the week; Advice To Young Women From The Oscars Red Carpet by BuzzFeedYellow
[i strongly advise watching this and taking it to heart. you are loved. if you don't think so, remember, i love you]
@polyvore // @polyvore-editorial


[many :/ faces, so :/ sorry]

i made an art set bc i thought it was an art set day omg
then i panicked and made this sh/tty simple set, sorry :/

so my last art set has 19m and my best is 25 :/
but dryads yassss

so for my last two sets i've been meddling in different formats...
erm... i don't like the art one full stop.
but the magazine set one looks really nice aha
110% inspired by em
[but you do realise there's nothing more that 100%, booth.]

yesterday i asked whether niall or ange be the fbi agent,
majority said niall, but ange as the fbi agent means smart, nerdy niall.
like, http://31.media.tumblr.com/82842b08b989ed3698d7d87921aac20f/tumblr_mruamfPkjF1ss2u9bo1_500.gif niall.
i cri

but anyways, self promo oops
please follow me on ig c:

comment your favourite music video [any artist] if you read all this c:
[mine's gotta be we are never ever getting back together. i literally can copy the moves oops]

anyways, as always, 
stay glorious,
xx gloria

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