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You Were Meant to Sparkle!

Welcome to our group! "You Were Meant To Sparkle!" is a group for fashion, art, style-books, stories, dolls and more! We accept all types of sets. Most contests will be fashion related, looking forward to seeing active members! <3 Lets get started! Please invite! We would love to have everyone be a part of this! It's going to be fun! Please remember to only post work that is original (excluding any fanfiction related works) and that this is a safe environment where we will not be judgmental, mean, or inconsiderate to other members! We accept everyone and are looking for moderators! <3 Welcome to the best place for a little bit of everything! "You Were Meant To Sparkle" Is supposed to be a fun community of uplifting people who want to share their creativity and love for different things. Really want this group to be there for each other. When we have enough members we'll have a little contest for a "Get to know us" type thing where members can submit sets about themselves! <3 Hope you enjoy! Any questions, suggestions, or concerns please talk to @jilliancarter
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