march | 31st | saturday. 
kyle tryout. 
title: i should've kissed you, one direction. 

@high-fashionista, tryout finished!

ahh, this reminds me so much of ij!

☀ Kyle Schafer
The only thing Kyle cares about is boys. Always wearing a super short miniskirt, or with a plunging neckline, she certainly knows how to get their attention. It also helps when your mom is an ex Victoria's Secret model and your dad did some modeling back in the day. She relies on her looks to get her whatever she so desires, which more often than not is a boy. The girls of the group often roll their eyes at Kyle's pathetic attempts at male attention, but they seem to be working. But she just might be attracting the wrong kind of attention.
suggested model: sandra kubicka
sport: varsity dance team, varsity soccer
relationship status: likes Chase, but then again she'll take Hunter's attention too.

top three//
-Kyle/August/Mia (in no real order)




That was the first time, since I was learning to speak, that I'd heard the word 'no' used in my direction. 

All because of one, stupid, good for nothing, perky half-ass blonde, named Lexie. 

Please, the name alone sent barf scalding up my throat. Was that even her /real/ nose?

"Wh-what?" I said, sputtering as I stared at Chase. I looked to Aaron, but he was too busy staring at the new bitchh on the block. "What did he say to me?" I growled. 

Aaron shot me a fleeting look, "Not now." 

"But I said I wanted to go to my locker." I said, kicking Chase under the lunch table with my heeled sandal. Usually that was code for 'let's make out' and no one ever refused me when it came to /that/. 

The room around me was bustling with stupid losers mulling around in our school cafeteria and I had been gifted with sitting with the worst of them all - Lexie f-cking Welsch.

Where the he// did she even come from? Vulgaria?!

"Lelana, its okay if I borrow Chase for a moment, right?" I asked, batting my eyelashes. 

"It's Lexie," Chase responded, eyes still glazing over his new toy as she stopped and just smiled at me. Before she responded, Hunter cut in. 

"I'll come with you Ky." I let out a breath of air. 

"Fine." I made sure to lean especially low while picking up my bag and then stretched so my already shrunken tank exposed my midriff, just to show Chase what he was truly missing. "Adieu." I purred, throwing my hair behind my shoulder, and eating up Chase's blank stare. 

I noted Mia's eye roll, Jade's head shake, Sutton's snicker and August's smile. I just winked and walked away, linking my arm with Hunter's. 

"You're insane." He muttered smirking slightly,. 

"Aren't we all, love?" 

alk;sdjlf, yeah okay so not so happy with this, i might expand the story if i feel i should :D
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