Monday 27th of April
Musicians Institute’s basketball game, Los Angeles

I open the big glass door and step in on my AE flats. I remove my sunglasses and gaze around, see a big sign with an arrow and follow it to the gym. The big wooden doors are open and I step in. The auditorium is almost full but I notice an empty seat on the third row and walk to it. I sit down and place my Ralph Lauren tote to the floor between my feet. I glance around the gym to see any familiar faces. A bunch of cheerleaders on the first row. Where are all the players I think as the music starts playing. The players run to the playing field from the locker room as the sportscaster introduces the players. When he arrives to Brad, I stand up and whistle. Brad notices me and smiled. I kiss my hand and send him a kiss. While the sportscaster introduces the other team, I sit down and open my bag and pull out an Innocent smoothie. The game starts as I take a sip of my smoothie and try to focus on the game, which is actually pretty hard since I know nothing of basketball. Well you gotta throw the ball to the other team’s net and that’s all I know.
But I try to be a good girlfriend so I cheer everytime Brad even touches the ball. And just as I’m getting bored Brad gets the ball and heads for the net the ball bouncing loudly between the wooden floor and Brad’s hand. I whistle as Brad gets closer to the net. He jumps high and I’m thinking my boyfriend is scoring! But suddenly an other player jumps too and accindentally hits Brad on the face with his elbow. I let out a scream as Brad collapses to the floor. I quickly take my bag and run down the steps to Brad. His team mates help him up and I see that he’s bleeding. The referee gently pushes me away, “miss I need you to move away from the game area” he says. “No no no, he’s my boyfriend you see” I reply and try to see where they’re taking Brad. “I...” he starts but gives up “go ahead”. I run next to Brad and take his hand. The other one, of the 2 players holding him, steps back and I take his place and hold Brad’s arm on my shoulder. “Are you okay, hun?” I ask and try to sound as kind and loveable as I can. He mutters something to me and I interpret it as yes. We carry Brad to the boy’s locker room where a paramedic examines Brad’s forehead and eye. “I think this needs a real doctor” he says and turns to look at me. “I can take him to the hospital” I answer. “Are you a relative?” he then asks and packs his red bags. “Err...” I mutter and try to find the words to say. “She’s my girlfriend” Brad says and wipes the blood away from the corner of his eye. “Call the school if there’s any problem” the paramedic says and walks away. I take Brad’s hand and say “come on, let’s go”.
“I’m done” the doctor says and pulls off the rubber gloves from his hands. We’re at the doctor’s office and Brad is getting 4 stitches to his eye and forehead. He actually looks kinda sexy with a big bruise above his eyebrow. “Thanks doc” Brad says and stands up. We get to the car and I drive to Brad’s place. Once we get there I help Brad walk the stairs and feed his dog when we get in. “You know you really scared me” I yell from the kitchen. “I’m sorry. Ugh, I feel so stupid” he replies. I walk to the living room and sit next to him on the couch. “Don’t. It wasn’t your fault. It could’ve happened to anyone” I say and kiss his bruise. He moans. “You want some painkillers?” I ask and walk to the bathroom. “Yeah, they’re...” he says but I interrupt. “I know I know” I say and walk to the kitchen, take a glass of water and bring them to Brad. He takes the pill and I curl up next to him. “You know what’s funny?” I ask. “No but tell me” he answeres. “The drama never ends” I say and we burst out laughing.
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Wrote 7 years ago
cute set.

Wrote 7 years ago
Whoa, sorry bout Brad....but cute set! :]

Wrote 7 years ago
aww, poor brad. cute set by the way. :)

Wrote 7 years ago
Awwww. But that's gotta hurt! Lovely outfit- N. T. xoxo



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talented roleplayers of polyvore

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The Ultimate Roleplay List

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