quote x shinji moon.

hey (◕‿◕✿)

i wasn't on yesterday bc 5sos sorta distracted me 
they were on telly and my mum said me and luke are soul mates bc we had the same dream
yes we actually had the same dream so 

mmfd can we just 
a sec 
obsessed to the point where i track the tumblr tag, have a shrine in my wardrobe and wrote a seven page rant about it in the back of my history book
archie's song about rae is also my alarm 
wow its gotten crazy now 

i went to the hairdressers today bc work shadowing and i was just reading some magazines and not only did i rip out about five pages bc alexa chung article (now on my wall HA) but slsp came on the telly and i couldn't quite hear it at first bc the hairdryers but i just glanced at the telly and i saw ashton and it made me jump so i was like 'WOAH' and i spilt my cup of tea on the sofa (phew it was only fake leather) but they didn't moan at me they just said i was a mad woman and its true that and yeah thats the story of how i embarrassed myself in front of three hairdressing ladies (thank god i knew them bc family friends), two old ladies and a small child in a pushchair who had a fetus one direction t-shirt on (why the heck are small children having these things do they even understand words yet) 

but i did get a day off school 
in the middle of the week
i have school tomorrow ew 
ew ew 
but i have ict yes yes good 

have u seen those 5sos cardboard cut outs ? ? 
i want all of them right this minute chop chop 

i lost it http://tinyurl.com/opxjl7s

http://tinyurl.com/paubupp omg how bloody dare u 
he better come back bc i will kill my next door neighbor 

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@chicexplorer-825 thanks


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