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"Wake Me Up"
~~Ed Sheeran~~
I got tagged by @loveforever3 i know its not really a fall set anyways
1 : What is your favorite fall drink ? 
Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte but i get it without coffe and its so yummy and smells good!

2 : What is fall like where you are from ?
Well fall is just like how they say it is here, I love fall its cold enough to wear long sleeves and sweaters but warm enough to still be able to wear flats, tshirts, and no jackets its awsome! and so pretty!

3 : What is your favorite fall scent ?
Well i love Vanilla no matter what season so my second all time favorite is pumpkinspice.

4 : What a tradition you have in the fall ?
Carving Pumpkins lol my family doesnt do the apple picking because me and my brother dont really like apples inless its apple pie hehe but every year my cousin and i go trick or treating so i guess thats a tradition?

5 : What is your fall anthem ?
Honestly im majorly obssessed with Ed Sheeran exspecially "Give Me Love" but i cant wait for One Directions new album i think when that comes out ill be listening to that alot :)

5 : What is your fall fashion must have ?
Ekk I Love Fall Fashion!! My Wanted boots, knee high riding boots, sknny jeans, oversized sweaters, and brown/tan/cream/lace dresses and i love wearing my orange rusty color thick tights :)

6 : What is your fall beauty must have ? 
Blush, lipstick, and brown eyes? Not quite sure latley ive just been wearing blush and masscara.

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So there is the tag, just 6 questions, please do the tag and tag me because i would love to see your answers! Then when you are done tag 10 other people to do the tag as well! I hope you like this!

Sorry to bother but if anybody has a facebook please like this page:

its for a little girl with leukemia, she loves to sing and her favorite singer is Taylor Swift which she listens to when she gets chemotherapy and im not 100% sure but last time i heard she wasnt doing to well, any ways this page is dedicated to her and her dream of meeting Taylor Swift. please keep Stella in your prayers!
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