The Underground Chambers await you, seven puzzles that must be solved in order to reach the ultimate goal; the Sorcerer's Stone.
Getting past a giant three-headed dog may sound like no piece of cake, but once you've played Fluffy his lullaby the games have only begun.

I tried to draw inspiration from each of the seven puzzles, but that was all over the place and it looked more like a disaster than an outfit. So I threw out everything and started over, taking inspiration from only three of the seven obstacles.

The dress represents Devil's Snare, quite obviously, that one goes without much explanation.
The bag, shoes, necklace, and bracelet are inspired off of the flying keys. Yes, I realize the bag is just a little bit over the top, but it looks so like Pottermore's version of the keys that I could not pass it up. It's perfect, in my opinion.
And last but not least, McGonagall's famous trasnfigured Wizar'ds Chess set is represented by the two rings and the blue outerwear. The latter I took directly from the cloaks the chess pieces are clothed in. And if you'll notice the Wizard's Chess version of a Knight for a ring, which is to represent Ron. The life-sized chess game is by far his best moment in the entire series, and his selflessness and courage are incredibly admirable.

Perhaps this isn't the most practical of outfits to face seven deadly puzzles, chasing after a lunatic wearing a turban to hide the second face on the back of his head. But my outfits are always, always, ALWAYS inspired off of the setting the subject matter is in, and not the task at hand. 
No one said I wanted to BE the hero, I'd just like to clothe him or her. ;)
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