You And Your Bff Ariana Grande and finding out that U are sleeping with your head on THE Zayn Malik's shoulder.U were woken by the sound of people talking u slowly opened ur eyes to see harry talking to Ariana and Zayn Asking about u.Ariana said the best things to make u look was really chilly in the plane so that made ur stomach hurt much much more.Zayn saw that u were chilly and put his Varsity Jacket Around u.Ur phone buzzed in ur bag which u clearly heard cuz of ur awsome 5 senses.u slowly got up and stretched then reached for ur phone when u got it out u looked to ur sides and smiled when u saw Ariana u smiled to her then to zayn when u realized it was Zayn Malik.U Froze in ur place.Zayn lifted up ur chin and looked VERY deeply in ur eyes then kissed u. everybody "ooohhheeedd" especially harry and ariana . Zayn broke the kiss and Asked u "Will do me the huge honor of being my girlfriend?" "Of course" and with that u kissed him back and then talked about everything.Not soon after that u fell asleep in Zayn's Arms.
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