Shake down, you make me break
For goodness sake
I think I'm on the edge
Of something new with you
Shout out don't drown the sound
I'll drown you out
You'll never scream so loud
As I want to scream with you

Standing there with your smile blinding
Your eyes from seeing
My face as I'm dying

To figure out a girl

But she drifts so far away
I'm on her coast
So maybe I should stay
And map around your world

So don't say
"These currents are still killing me"
And you can't explain
But the wind went and pulled me into your hurricane
Into your hurricane

(hurricane -- something corporate)


I dunno, I was just sitting in art class listening to this and it's not usually a song to make me sit around and think, but it did. Mostly I don't want to go into it. Didn't come home and collapse until around 8 from SAT prep, which, heh. 6 pages of math to do, and Im not really sure how to do any of it. (the geometry.) We've got some new guy coming into my AP art studio class. I'm pretty convinced he's going to die and not fit in with the rest of. Of course, that's mostly due to Abi being a completely distracting loud mouth. He'll probably be alienated. And he's never taken anything but a basic art class, but registered for two AP classes at his old school? Good luck.
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