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First Challenge - In lieu of us being in Hawaii, design a look for your gal on a gorgeous beach shoot perfect for the Maui sands, and the VS Swim catalogue, of course! Good luck!


Okay, well, I feel like Katie isn't what most people would think of when thinking of a VS swim model, but she could totally make it work. So, I chose to use mustard-yellow, harem style pants and a simple black top with tribal-inspired beading for the top. The cover-up is because I was shivering looking at this set, leaving her with nothing around her shoulders (it's like 34 degrees here) and then I chose a simple, nude sandal-wedge for shoes. 

This look works for Katie because it isn't just straight-up swimsuit, it's got a little bit of a high-fashion edge. 

Story (this is going to be short)

My toes curled into the sand, the taupe nail polish enhancing the fake-tan that had been carefully sprayed over my skin. I was golden, like it was the middle of July. 

My phone vibrated in my hand. My mom was texting me, telling me all about the food she was making for Thanksgiving. The Hawaiian sun beat down onto my skin and I bit my lip. This time last year, I was at school back at Clemson, sharing Ben & Jerry's with my roommate, Sofie, helping her recover from her breakup with Jason Scott, her liberal arts lover. 

Now what? In the last 360 and some-odd days, I had transitioned from being a stressed-out college student with no boyfriend and no plans, into working for Victoria's Secret and having an amazing guy in my life. 

With that thought, I sighed. Ryan was f*cking spectacular but were we moving too fast? Just yesterday we were talking about my meeting his parents over Christmas. I had barely known him for a month. That was serious. 

"Katie!" Lo called my name off a checklist, "take off that rug and get over here!"

I tousled my hair and dropped my phone into my cardigan, protecting it from the sand. It was my time to shine. Right?

I gulped, walking carefully through the sand to the area they had reserved for the pictures. The photographer, Evie, and Lo were gathered in a huddle with a few light guys and make up artists. 

A short red-head brushed powder over my nose as soon as I stepped into their little circle. Another blond rubbed a smoothing creme into the ends of my hair, "Ready to make some magic, dear?" Tim asked, holding up his camera. 

I knelt in the sand , running my hand through my hair and popping my hip. I kept checking myself, trying to be careful not to spit out the same poses everyone did. I flashed a fun smile, biting my bottom lip. 

Evie cleared her throat and stepped into the camera, "Katie, you're doing great, but you look a little tense. Try relaxing your shoulders."

She knelt beside me, showing me what she was wanting to see, "Try to be less sex-kitten," she said, with an arched back and high shoulders, "and more badass." She let her back and shoulders relax, sinking into a still-sexy shrug. 

"You can still doll it up by playing with your hair, but you're kind of repetitive."

My heart raced, I was getting one-on-one advice from one of the most sought-after swim models in the world. I had no other option but to impress. 

"Okay, bring in Katarzyna." Lo called, waving her hand. I raised my eyebrows, I had only shot six poses. Was that all the time I got?

Evie pointed for Zyna to join me and then motioned for me to stand up, "Someone roll up the cuffs on Katie's pants." 

I stood up and stretched my back slyly. They moved for us to face the water and each look over our shoulder at the same time while one of the set-girls evenly cuffed my harem pants. Standing next to Kat, who looked sexy and adorable in her vintage-inspired attire, I felt incredibly less confident. Did these pants make my butt look flat? Could editing fix that?

Tim, Evie, and Lo called out pointers and poses. Zyna flipped her head over and fluffed her curls and then popped back up. 

"Okay ladies, thank you! Go get some water, it's good for your skin." Tim grinned and Lo called for the next girl. 

Zyna turned to me, "That was fun, right?" 

I nodded, self-consciously wrapping my hands around my middle, "It was a blast."



i am embarrassed of how bad this is.
and i will add more. i'll include the first two to comment.
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