the past few days have not been good. For some weird reason I've been really moody. My moodswings are forever changing. I know it isn't my....ehem...period, because I already had it a week ago. 
Like this is really bad, I got into a fight with my dad on sunday, then went shopping with my mom to come home crying because I hate my body and clothes don't look good on me anymore because I gained so much weight from taking my birth control and eating greasy food at school. Then yesterday I was okay for most of the day. Today I was really moody again and got into another fight with my dad and my brother.
After everyone else calmed down, minus me, I decided to go lay down in my room and take a nap, which I never do and my dad just had to come in and see what was wrong and I told him I don't know what's wrong with me and to just leave me alone. Now he's gonna go make me talk to my doctor about my moody-ness when I take my mom to the doctor on Friday :P
What the he.ll is my doctor gonna do? She's not a phsycologist.....and I don't wanna be put on anymore meds.....I just don't get what the big freaking deal is.....
So, yeah, my night hasn't been pleasant...and to make it worse I miss my friend from school and my crush, they live pretty far away and my friend is often really busy and I don't get to talk to her much, and I can't just text my crush.....that would be guess I'm just gonna be stuck in my room all night, cause I don't wanna go out into the living room with my family, even if everyone stopped fighting, cause I still feel like

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