The Young Family

Miles and Alaska went to highschool together, but went to separate colleges. Years later, when Miles' company was just launching and Alaska was becoming more well-known in the fashion world they met again and their old flames rekindled. They got married soon after, and had five kids. Only three months after Mathis' birth, Alaska was kiIIed. The family was devastated, and has tried to move on since then, however after Alaska's death Miles became a raging drunk and didn't leave his personal penthouse for four years, leaving the children to fend for themselves. Needless to say, Dean dropped out of school to support them. As a result of this tragedy, the siblings are all very close knit. Dean is now back in school, studying to become a lawyer and someday a politician. Lawson is in college and has produced several small films, on his way to me a director. Reese plays college football while Callista and Mathis attend high school.

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