A fashion look from March 2014 featuring party rompers, flat shoes and leather handbags. Browse and shop related looks.
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  • Does the body rule the mind, or does the mind rule the body?
  • You look so cool.
  • Oh you wouldn't like me...
  • Finals Week

  • Us Girls Gotta Stick Together
  • Life's short. Live Brightly.
  • A Day in my Life
  • By the Sea I Be

  • Fred’s Afternoon Was Very Productive…He Finished a Number of Items He’d Been Working on in Spurts…4 Lamps, 3 Table Sculptures, a Wall Sculpture & Two Tables Made From Reclaimed Wood…He Hauled Everything Up to the Shop & Was Satisfied With the Display
  • So Mo Called, Fred Picked Up Some Donuts & Dropped Richie Off…Richie Had Food & Time With O. J., Joy Had Time With Richie, Mo Didn’t Have One More Body to Be Responsible For, Fred Got Down to the Barn & Joy’s Mom Was Glad Her Daughter Was Making a Friend
  • As She Hung Up, the Phone Rang…”Hey, Mo, Could I Bring Richie Over for A Little While?  I’ve Got to Get Down to the Barn &…I…Uh…Wondered if You Could Call Your Neighbor & See if He Could Play There…They Said Any Time, But Could You Double Check for Me?"
  • She Knew Rosy, Finn & Anna Rotated Annie Duties, But Didn’t Know the Current Schedule ...She Called Anna & Explained the Need… ”Even if You Could Just Do Friday Mornings, it Would Be a Huge Help”…”I’ve Never Worked Sales Before, But I Can Give it a Try!"

  • Summer at the beach
  • Hello New York
  • New York summer
  • rowing must haves

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  • About a girl
  • Indie
  • Hipster

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  • me and taissa ahs
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  • Spring has Sprung!
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  • Stressed & Depressed
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  • I Will Never Forget you // Tag
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  • Let's hit the road for we have a world to explore.
  • Red Strawberry.
  • May You Stay Forever Young.
  • Blue Party!!!!!

  • Percy Jackson Outfit Challenge: Day 12
  • Percy Jackson Outfit Challenge: Day 11
  • Percy Jackson Outfit Challenge: Day 10
  • Percy Jackson Outfit Challenge: Day 9

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  • She said, "Hello, Mister, pleased to meet you" I wanna hold her, I wanna kiss her She smells of daisies, she smells of daisies She drives me crazy, she drives me crazy
  • I Like Making Bad Decisions. Life's More Fun That Way.
  • I remember what you wore on our first date. You came into my life and I thought hey, you know this could be something. 'Cause everything you do and words you say- you know that it all takes my breath away.
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  • Simple cute

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  • date night
  • Beach Day
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  • 3.1 philips

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