It happened to my sister and it is happening to me. When she approached 30, she found that she only just began to learn how to enjoy life by taking on a juvenile, childish attitude, a little irreverent and learning how to not give two sh*ts about what anybody thought of her. She found happiness there, and I'm juuuuust starting to feel it too. I'm still way too self-conscious and timid, but slowly slowly slowly I'm chipping away at that b.s. I also tend to think this is a girl thing. Men grow up, get jobs, take on big responsibilities and it's really easy to give up on the inner child. Time to be a miserable grown up. Ladies fight a bit harder for their inner little one, maybe it's the maternal instinct. I know my mom will never grow up, she will always love toys and games and disney world, and I'm certain I will always love cartoons and playing in the sun and disney world lol.
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