text: Young by Hollywood Undead

Golden Trio (Harry, Ron, Hermione) y Silver Trio (Ginny, Neville, Luna)

There is one area that's specifically HP/GP & JP/LEP; I have this because of the lyric "born in this world as it all falls apart". As we all know, the Wizarding World was in disarray long after their births, which is of course the focus, but because James Potter I & Lily Potter I were killed as a result of the initial rise of Voldemort and that event seriously changed the tables for both sides I thought they should at least be included, as OBVIOUSLY that affects Harry. They way I organised the pictures, though, is to compare the two relationships - James & Lily y Harry & Ginny. They are rather similar, yes even in ways other than their looks - if you look at a piece of fanart where they're kissing you can't always tell which couple it is; the only really distinct difference is Harry's scar - and I enjoy pointing it out. Another point in regard to James & Lily: we will fight or we will fall, 'till the angels save us all. Think hard; I leave you on that note.
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