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Young Justice

(x) OPEN ( ) CLOSED ( ) HIATUS Note: This is based on Young Justice but it will be an alternate universe after Aqualad destroyed Mount Justice with a bomb in 2016. It has been two years since the heroes of Young Justice were killed in an attack on Mount Justice, vowing to never have teenage heroes fighting an adult war, the members of the Justice League sent those remaining back into civilian life. Just after New Year’s Day in 2018, the members of the Justice League have vanished leaving the world defenceless. Crime rates have started to skyrocket, people are too scared to go outside in fear of being hurt or killed. On March 23rd 2018, exactly two years to the day, a variety of teenagers with special abilities find themselves a large, sleek metal room with no memory as to how they got there, no reason as to why they’ve come…a familiar bat symbol on the wall tells them that they are about to find out… Audition Template http://www.polyvore.com/young_justice_audition/template?id=1182449 Rules 1. No god-modding 2. Double ups are a must! I am not having Mount Justice full of just girls! 3. Do not take a taken faceclaim 4. No Mary Sues or Gary Stews 5. No YouToubers, Directioners, Taylor Swift etc 6. I will accept relations to the Justice League OR villains but only ONE OC per character, twins are okay but they have to come from the same user. I will NOT be having ten users the son of Batman. You need to PM me if you want to be a relation, I won’t accept it on the audition. Your OC does NOT have to be related, they can be whoever you want them to be. 7. No characters from an AU since this is an AU 8. Keep it appropriate 9. Minimal Swearing 10. No drama, the OC’s can have drama 11. If you are inspired to make a set, credit the original author 12. No templates unless directed 13. Shoutouts are worth five points up to four sets 14. Any questions, please PM the mod @natasha-maree13 15. Have fun Mod Example Tasha // @natasha-maree13 OC Name: Ceres Isley Secret Identity: Gaia Faceclaim: Alexandra Daddario Tasha // @natasha-maree13 OC Name: Lucian Wayne Secret Identity: Lucifer aka Batman Faceclaim: Matthew Daddario Tasha // @natasha-maree13 OC Name: Athena Dare Secret Identity: Athena Faceclaim: Emily Browning Tasha // @natasha-maree13 OC Name: Draco Holden Secret Identity: Dragonar Faceclaim: Dominic Sherwood The Recruits 1. Angela // @mysterious-gal OC Name: Artemis Queen Secret Identity: Huntress Faceclaim: Teresa Palmer Points: 80 + __ 2. Angela // @mysterious-gal OC Name: Archer Queen Secret Identity: Hunter Faceclaim: Chris Wood Points: 3. Cheyanne // @heartless241 OC Name: Lillian Roth Secret Identity: Crow Faceclaim: Lily Collins Points: 4. Cheyanne // @heartless241 OC Name: Issac Michaels Secret Identity: Frozon Faceclaim: Ian Nelson Points: 5. Nikki // @nikkit13 OC Name: Columbine Joker-Quinn Secret Identity: Columbine Faceclaim: Cara Delevingne Points: 6. Nikki // @nikkit13 OC Name: Pierrot Joker-Quinn Secret Identity: Pierrot Faceclaim: Jensen Ackles Points: 7. Tye // @polyvore-user-name OC Name: Millie Larson Secret Identity: Falcon Faceclaim: Amy Nelson Points: 80 + 5 + __ 8. Tye // @polyvore-user-name OC Name: Scott Larson Secret Identity: Hawk Faceclaim: Ethan Nestor Points: 80 + __ 9. Alex // @xellace OC Name: Adira Tycal Secret Identity: Oculus Faceclaim: Mykie Points: 80 + __ 10. Alex // @xellace OC Name: Daemon Sentis Secret Identity: Ghost Faceclaim: Ezra Miller Points: 11. Charlie // @charlielove-899 OC Name: Leia Snart Secret Identity: Absolute Zero Faceclaim: Chloe Grace Moretz Points: 12. Charlie // @charlielove-899 OC Name: Mazikeen Valcor Solis Secret Identity: Mercury Faceclaim: Dylan Sprayberry Points: 13. Kurt // @kurtifer OC Name: Sierra Taine Secret Identity: Blaze Faceclaim: Zoe Kravitz Points: 14. Kurt // @kurtifer OC Name: Callen Luthor Secret Identity: CompLex Faceclaim: Tom Felton Points: 15. Cat // @crystalcat-pixel OC Name: Icicle Fries Secret Identity: Cryocicle Faceclaim: Halsey Points: 16. Cat // @crystalcat-pixel OC Name: Secret Identity: Faceclaim: Points: 17. Vale // @valegarcia-reader OC Name: Tiffany Lux Secret Identity: Luminos Girl Faceclaim: Emma Roberts Points: 18. Vale // @valegarcia-reader OC Name: Eiden Sparks Secret Identity: Cinder Burn Faceclaim: Tyler Posey Points: 80 + __ 19. Skunk // @frizzleliz OC Name: Willow Manson Secret Identity: Faceclaim: Emily Rudd Points: 20. Skunk // @frizzleliz OC Name: Briar Manson Secret Identity: Soma/Sparrow Faceclaim: Asa Butterfield Points: 21. Lexi // @punkette123 OC Name: Alexandria Hale Secret Identity: Tempest Faceclaim: Adelaide Kane Points: 22. Lexi // @punkette123 OC Name: Jackson Hale Secret Identity: Mysterio Faceclaim: Matt Boomer Points: 23. Eliza // @mikaelsonlegacy OC Name: Thalia Fray (Kolari'r) Secret Identity: Aria Faceclaim: Katherine McNamara Points: 24. Eliza // @mikaelsonlegacy OC Name: Chris Kent Secret Identity: Superboy Faceclaim: Dylan O'Brien Points: 25. Krystal // @krysla OC Name: Thalia Prince Secret Identity: Grace Faceclaim: Troian Bellisario Points: 80 + __ 26. Krystal // @krysla OC Name: Malachi Curry Secret Identity: Hydro Faceclaim: Tyler Blackburn Points: 80 + __ 27. Anna // @trxpped-in-insxnity OC Name: Fae Sparrow Secret Identity: Spirit Faceclaim: Ashley Moore Points: 28. Anna // @trxpped-in-insxnity OC Name: Secret Identity: Faceclaim: Points: 29. Frankie // @katisnotinfire OC Name: Elanos "Ella" Delmar Secret Identity: Nyx Faceclaim: Nina Dobrev Points: 30. Frankie // @katisnotinfire OC Name: Secret Identity: Faceclaim: Points: 31. Name // @username OC Name: Secret Identity: Faceclaim: Points: 32. Name // @username OC Name: Secret Identity: Faceclaim: Points: 33. Name // @username OC Name: Secret Identity: Faceclaim: Points: 34. Name // @username OC Name: Secret Identity: Faceclaim: Points: 35. Name // @username OC Name: Secret Identity: Faceclaim: Points: 36. Name // @username OC Name: Secret Identity: Faceclaim: Points: Faceclaims Matthew Daddario // Alexandra Daddario // Cara Delevingne // Jensen Ackles // Ian Nelson // Lily Collins // Teresa Palmer // Chloë Grace Moretz // Ethan Nestor // Amy Nelson // Chris Wood // Mykie // Emily Browning // Dominic Sherwood // Jennifer Lawrence // Zoe Kravitz // Tom Felton // Ezra Miller // Halsey // Tyler Posey // Dylan Sprayberry // Emily Rudd // Asa Butterfield // Adelaide Kane // Matt Boomer // Katherin McNamara // Dylan O'Brien // Emma Roberts // Troian Bellisario // Tyler Blackburn // Ashley Moore // Nina Dobrev // Taken Parents Bruce Wayne/Batman // Selina Kyle/Catwoman // Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy // Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow // The Joker // Harley Quinn // Sara Lance/The White Canary // Leonard Snart/Captain Cold // Lex Luthor // Victor Fries/Mr Freeze // Starfire // Superman // Diana Prince/Wonder Woman // Arthur Curry/Aquaman // Mera // Elektra // Reserves xxx Reserved Parents xxx Taglist @natasha-maree13 (mod) // @nikkit13 (mod) // @mysterious-gal // @heartless241 // @polyvore-user-name // @charlielove-899 // @xellace // @kurtifer // @crystalcat-pixel // @valegarcia-reader // @frizzleliz // @punkette123 // @mikaelsonlegacy // @krysla // @trxpped-in-insxnity // @katisnotinfire //
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