( this set reminds me of something what aurora mohn would wear.. probably my last set like this lol )

Hate me if you want. But I'm so tired of seeing multiple posts of how "Amanda Todd was such a beautiful person, rip my angel" and these multiple posts and photos about stopping bullying as if half of you even give two fucks. Okay one; sure, she took her own life. But millions of people commit suicide every year so what makes her so special? If anything she CAUSED all of this to happen to her, which created this whole domino effect. Why is she even flashing her boobs to strangers in the first place and having sex at the age of fourteen.. Why are you spending your time grieving over a dead girl when you can use that sympathy for the people who are alive & need the compassion? And secondly; I know for a fact that some of you will continue to go to school and make fun of the so called "rejects" and "outcasts" so just shut the hell up, dumb hypocrites. I also know that if you WANT to stop bullying, you have to stand the fuck up and make the change. Help out those around you who NEED the helping hand, not spending your time sobbing about the girl who's dead, when her bullying happened because of her own stupid actions and choices. Too many of you are sitting around waiting for society to change FOR you, to guide you on what to do next. Start with being a little more independent otherwise this generation will just continue to get worse.
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