I was tagged by the coolest @muzikgurl and @white-name in their fantastic sets here http://www.polyvore.com/just_want_best_for_you/set?id=126551340 and http://www.polyvore.com/youll_give_your_love_to/set?id=126594956

1. Pick a song
2. Make one of the lines from that song the title of your set
3. use one item from this set
4. tag 3 more people (or more) and tell them to do the same
5. ask a random question (and answer mine too!)

I used the lyrics from "Young, Wild and Free" from Wiz Khalifa. 
From @muzikgurl I used the petals and from @white-name omo! I forgot to use somthing from your set! I was planning to use the red flowers but I totally forgot and now I don't know where to put them :(

Question: Can you make a dream wedding set?

I don't have a big desire to get married but I guess that when I fall in love and want to marry my honey, I'd love to have a wedding like this! I adore the beach, so I'd love to have the wedding there. White and pink flowers everywhere, really yummy food and good music! Drinking champagne? No way! Mojitos, Caipirinhas, etc. 
All the money will be spent in my dress and yummy food. Also my ring will be no joke! XD I'm going to wear the Balmain dress with those killer high heels. I'm the hottest chick out there ~ XD
In my wedding I just want everyone to have fun. If not, it will be a fail. It's not like a normal wedding right? That's because I'm usually bored at weddings...
So everyone wearing chic clothes. From skater skirts to graphic t-shirts and playing around.
This is my ideal wedding :)
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