2012/11/08 Something weird happened,I can't made this set well.

YOUNIQUE UNIT-Maxstep official MV:
Hyundai Car Commercial Featuring with Eunhyuk,Hyoyeon,Henry,Taemin,Luhan and Kai
Firstly,I get excite coz Kai had appeared for this unit I just wanna to see his dances,his work beside to do with his group..

After finished so many times in first day i've seen this,sudden remember the trio battle from SBS gayo daejun and used it often in SM concert.

Sorry to all SM fans I'm not impress i want to see sth fresh/creative/new specially this work used to promote Car commercial sth should be new but why just the same as year ago.
I'm not compare don't get me wrong i typical get excite every time when Toyota/Honda has releases new campaign their song,product is fresh.

The advantage about Maxstep is dancing is perfect I'm not going to complain all of them is the best by their own.

Maybe my ears stuck with YG product turning head to SM such a different world,MV,voice is okay typical SM used their face to caught attention to fans.

One thing that i want to complain is their style 
I just see Taemin is completely perfect here ,first time ever that see Taemin as a man he look mature ,about another is 2%, almost but not yet.
specially Kai he's hot but stuff put on him made him look weird and pls curly,mushroom hair style no one look good with that,I want to be SM stylish seriously not a first time i complained about their style.
thanks God that SM ppl has a good looking if not totally will be the worth one.

However,so happy to see Henry getting around again,he got talented why SM not used him often,or some how i was thinking he should find new company to maintain his talented than waiting to show some face it's useless.
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