I've come to look forward to these little chats between me and you :) 
I've recently started reading Paper Towns by the great John Green. So good so far. And i recognized a number of quotes i didn't even know were his. i was already in love with them. this just proves what a genius he is :) 
i need some new music because i've made myself sick of everything i normally listen to. so any suggestions are more than new welcome. i absolutely love discovering new groups/artists. it's probably one of my favorite things in the world. 
so i must confess something... i don't actually like tea. or coffee. i know some of you are probably gasping. i just can't get myself to like any of it. if any of you can find a way to get me to like tea i think it will be a miracle. 
since this is really just stream of consciousness writing at the moment, with no logical transitions, let's pose an interesting question that i've often pondered. do you ladies believe in fate? that certain things happen for certain reasons that some greater force has knowledge of? i think i do. but that we also have free choice. but i can't help but think that certain things most certainly do happen for a reason. that certain people were put into my life for specific reasons but that i may not have figured those out yet. but they're there so obviously and constantly that it's not just crazy-random-happenstance. it's deliberate. someone up stairs, God, or whatever name you may call Him by, is putting them there and ringing a little bell. "hey pay attention to that person." and if i don't, which often happens since sometimes i'm so distracted, that person's put there again and again and again until i notice. has anything like that ever happened to you? thoughts? i know i'm probably just sounding like i'm blathering on now but this question always interests me. 
hope you're all well
much love xx
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