Hey guys, posting two sets in a row in two days, yippee, hopefully I can get into the set-making mojo again ;) this set isn't the best, but I tried especially with the glitches I have on my computer. But please scroll down and read the intro I have, I have always wanted to open a role-play in Jakarta, twice it was about to happen but it got cancelled. I am thinking of starting it later on, or in fact just keeping it very small. But I have great ideas for the role-play, and I have events, characters, and everything already planned out. Are you guys interested? Or should I just keep this as a story line?

Anyone else doing NaNoWriMo this year? I am going to try to finish it this year, let's hope I can. I already am starting to plan my story and I hope that some of you will join it!! 

School have just started, and it is such a b-tch, I can't stand it as of right now. But then again if school is a sl-t it would be easy wouldn't it? LOL never mind, Me and my very lame jokes :P
But anyways, please read the intro and tell me what you think!! <3 I will obviously edit it and make it better, but that is how it should be… well around it. 


Nylon, one of the best magazines out there having their magazines on most of the stands you see, they have translated their magazine to different languages, but decided to start a new line in Jakarta. This is your job, you are going to be moving to Jakarta for a few months, making sure that the magazine there will be as good as the one here in New York City.

Jakarta the city that never sleeps, with parties going on every night, concerts that is always packed, and just numerous places to visit is the best choices there is to open a new magazine. Socialites, high-end parties, those are the things that is expected for you to move. Think of Milan, New York, Paris, Los Angeles, Miami and all of those glamorous cities, Jakarta will soon be in that list. Moving to Jakarta doesn't mean it will be all work, in fact with some of the workers knowing Jakarta already, you will probably be out all of the nights. But beware of the traffic, it is crazy as hell, and 


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