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So I wrote a book (not finished yet!) called "Your Career Starts Now". I just wanted to share with you what I have written so far :) PLEASE DONT COPY, loves! I worked hard on it and I dont want people to copy it :)

So... here is a little bit from my "in process" book :)


You’re probably thinking, “Why should I care about this right now?” I get it. The word “career” seems like something only adults say. But it shouldn’t be. Your youth should be the time to start thinking about the goals you have set for your life. 
 If you don’t know what it is you want to do for a job, that’s fine. A lot of teens don’t. If you do know, that’s great. That will give you a great head-start. Your career is something you should enjoy. It will be hard at times and require a lot or hard work and focus, but it should be enjoyable. If you don’t have a clue of what you would like to do, relax. Just go over the things you love to do. Do you love: sports, fashion, animals? Would you love to be a doctor, author, or events planner? These things are all possible jobs. All you have to do is put your mind to it and explore your passions. What is it that you feel God has created you to do? Even if you don’t know it yet, God has created you for something very special and amazing; whether that is a sports champion or a stay home mom. 
If there is something you have found that is calling you, pick up books about it at the library or research it. Do all that you can do to learn more about it. This shows diligence and passion. 
 I cannot express the thrill that learning gives you when you want to learn. You feel accomplished and that you are unlocking the passion God gave you. 


 Everything you are working for and towards now; grades, colleges etc. are the things that you can use to prepare yourself. Think about it: school is your life right now. High school is getting you prepared for college. In order to get into a good college, you need good grades. Once it’s time to choose a college, you need to select one that best reflects and meets your career potential. It all comes down to school.
 School is your job right now. You need to give it your all, 100% of your effort. The thing that motivates me to do my best is acknowledging that my grades are important. My grades are what are going to help me get into a good college someday. It is so easy to not think about it. I have to admit, it’s a stressful thing sometimes. But if we never give it the-time-of-day, we are setting ourselves up for failure. Please do not put it all off for later in life. 
 If you want to get your school done and be diligent, there are multiple programs to help you get done with school faster. Giving yourself a head start is something you will appreciate for all your life. It’s a nice thing to help you get in and out, but believe me, it won’t be easy. Everything takes hard work. You can’t expect it to be simple. But “not simple’ doesn’t mean “not worth it”. 
 School is going to be what you do for 8 years to come. Why not make the best of it? Work hard and don’t let those years go to waste. Also, don’t be one of those people who drop-out because it’s too hard. We are to be diligent. 
 Another key thing grades help are opportunities. I am very interested in fashion as a career. I heard of this thing called the BP. Fashion Board for Nordstrom and one of the points they require is a 2.5 GPA. Again, grades are so important. I can’t imagine grades keeping me from something I am called to do. Can you imagine the disappointment? Opportunities (like this) are a wonderful experience. In order to apply I had to fill out an application and make a project by a certain date. Then if they saw potential in you, you get called in to an interview. Only 20 girls get an interview per location, luckily, I was one of them. After more waiting you hopefully will get a letter saying you were accepted, only 10 will be placed on the board and I was one of those girls. As you can see, this all takes hard work. But, it is the perfect opportunity to prepare you for a job someday: projects, deadlines, competition and interviews. So don’t let school get in the way of opportunities to advance your career. Also, this type of thing gets put on your resume, what kind of employer wouldn’t love to see that? 


 This chapter is all about what your employers and colleges will expect from you someday. 
 Colleges want people who are hard-workers. No one will be interested in someone who has never done anything. All that says is, “I’m lazy” and it’s true. You need to work hard now while you can because you don’t want to be 30 and still in school, do you? A lot of young adults (late 20’s to late 30’s) now-a-days are still in school when they should be working. This provides a ton of stress and it is an easy time to go into debt. Most of these people, not all, can’t pay for their late schooling so they just say, “I’ll pay for it later when I am done with school”. Usually, this, “I’ll pay it later” attitude doesn’t get them anywhere and it never happens so they drop out without a degree. This leaves them to find a job that is probably not their favorite; they simply took it because they needed it to get by. That is not a career that they have chosen because they love it! 
 Colleges can be hard to get into and most of them require a lot, but don’t let that stop you. Work for those grades, do all that you can to get yourself ahead so that you can live a productive life. 
 Now we will talk about employers. Your future employer will not want to hire you if you don’t have good grades, a good work effort, or have never worked a day in your life. You can’t expect your dream job to be the first job you ever have. High end businesses will not hire you if you have never worked for someone before. Would you hire someone like that? I sure hope you wouldn’t. Think about it like this: some person wants to become a well-to-do manager at an expensive restaurant but they want to pass all of the jobs that come before that. Do you really think you would be fully prepared for that position if you have no idea of what it’s even like? Of course you wouldn’t! In order to get somewhere, you have to work for it. 

 Another thing that both colleges and employers will look at is your social internet accounts. If you have a ton of trash and dirt on your profile, who would want to choose you? I guarantee you; they will search your accounts. One more major key is the way you present yourself. If you come in for a job or college interview in sweats, do you think that looks very professional? I’m sure you know the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” But in this case, they will. Your appearance is important. Dress the part and be professional. 


 So why not start preparing now? Why waste the opportunities you have now? 
 Don’t wait until you’re in your 20’s…it might already be too late, because…
Your career starts NOW.
SO ya! I hope this helps yall! Like I said....please promise me you wont copy this!

Stay diligent,
Julia ♥

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