~Milo Greene, Take A Step {I'm kinda obsessed... This whole album is perfection and the lyrics are just perfect too.}


WELL originally I decided on posting chapter 5 today, and then chapter 6 this weekend. However, I realized these two chapters are kinda too closely linked to really separate between days, and also chapter 5 is short-ish. So I'm posting them both today, and will probably not have chapter 7 up until next week, but maybe not. I've been writing every chance I get! <3

This outfit somewhat goes with these chapters haha. AND just so you know, @cool-carefree-nonsense helped me come up with Holland and Beck's ship name... So feel free to hashtag #Beckland haha :) ALSO due to the lack of Daniel Sharman pictures (le crey), I won't be using him in every set. This will just make you appreciate his gorgeousness more when I do use him <3

If you missed the collection with background info, the synopsis, and models for characters, check out the collection, which is also where all my chapter sets will be as I make them: http://www.polyvore.com/depth/collection?id=2201272
http://figment.com/books/464091-Depth [go to CHAPTER FIVE and CHAPTER SIX in the Table of Contents]

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