[collab with my super gigi @gianna<3 WARNING.]

I set down the bag of towels and pillows onto the countertop with a sigh. I was more than happy about me and Colin moving into an apartment together this year instead of staying in those tiny dorms, but I had definitely underestimated the work. With school, I barely had any time to go shopping and right now our place was filled with just the basics, or in other words, it looked boring as h.ell. And completely white. 
I slipped off my heels and walked over to the fridge, pulling out the carton of strawberries and bringing them with me along with my textbook to the kitchen table, promising myself that I would get through this chapter and some of my other work without getting distracted. 
Just as I was getting settled, a few pages into my textbook, I heard the front door open and a few moments later my gorgeous boyfriend appeared in front of me. "Hi." I smiled up at him before taking a bite of my strawberry, my eyes running along his perfect body. "How was class?" 
"Towels? I was just starting to get used to having you walk around naked while you dried off," He said, smirking at me as he looked into the bag of things I'd gotten for the place. 
I laughed. "I did not walk around naked!" 
He grinned wider. "That's because I never let you get that far." 
"True..." I trailed off, my eyes following him as he walked towards me, bending down and pressing his lips against mine. God, he was such a good kisser. I pulled back. "You're distracting me from doing my work."
He glanced down at my book before looking back to me. "I think you need a break."
"I just opened the book instead." I grinned up at him, yanking on the bottom of his shirt, pulling his body between my legs.
His hand caressed my cheek, tucking my hair behind my ear before he leaned down and kissed me again. "You look stressed still... why don't we go test out our new bed?" He murmured against my lips, kissing them again and grinning against my lips.
I sighed. "You are going to be such a bad influence on me." Don't get me wrong, I couldn't be more excited about now living with him, but it was a lot harder to focus on homework when I had a gorgeous guy kissing me.
"Yeah?" He grinned even wider. 
I nodded slowly, sliding my hands underneath his shirt, my work now the furthest thing from my mind. "Maybe moving in together was a bad idea...."
"Too bad we already signed a lease," He said, reaching for my waist before lifting me up and carrying me over his shoulder through our tiny place towards our room. I wiggled in his grip as he slid a hand up my leg to cup my a.ss. "You're stuck with me now gorgeous."
He kicked the door open, having to weave through most of the boxes of clothes that I had yet to unpack to get to the bed. "I'm okay with that," I replied, grinning as he laid me down in the middle of the bed, my hair fanning out around me.
"You better be." His hands slid up my sides, and 
I wrinkled my nose. "It'd be too much of a hassle having to pack again. I guess you'll do."
He laughed, shaking his head and pushing up the bottom of my shirt past my belly button, kissing it. "Your words sting," He spoke, biting down on my stomach and making me moan softly.
 "Do you want me to make you feel better?" I murmured, smirking as I pulled his head back to mine, pressing my lips softly against his. He deepened the kiss, his tongue slipping into my mouth and his hand slid under my shirt to cup my breast. God, he drove me crazy. 
"How would you do that?" He pulled back, his gorgeous eyes locking with mine as he spoke. 
"I have my ways," I answered, biting down on my lip. I shifted our bodies so that I was on top of him, pulling my shirt off slowly before unclasping my bra and tossing it to the side. "How was class baby?" 
"Good..." He trailed off, his eyes on my body as I pushed off my skirt, my lacy thong now the only thing remaining on my body. 
"Do you want me to make you dinner tonight?" I asked, pulling off his t-shirt and leaning down to press soft kisses against his chest. 
He flipped us back over so that his perfect body was hovering over mine again. "We can just order in... I wouldn't want to set the place on fire already." He smirked. 
"I'm not that bad!" I exclaimed, my eyes widening as he bent his head down, taking my breast in his mouth. "F.ck Colin." 
He bit down on my n.ipple softly, making me moan as his lips trailed down my stomach. "Your body is perfect..." He trailed off, nipping at the skin right about my underwear and making me catch my breath. He was the sexiest man in the world.
"And you're still too dressed." I pouted.
"What's the hurry?" He asked, grinning as he teased me and making me want him so badly. Though really, when did I not?
I tangled my hands in his hair as he pressed kisses along my panty lines. My fingers played with his hair, yanking at it softly as a moan fell from my lips. "Tease," I whispered, arching my back at his touch as he continued pressing kisses against my clothed and soaking wet p.ssy.
"I just want to make you feel good Av," He said seriously... and god did he ever as he nibbled against my cl.t. Colin always knew exactly how to make me feel good.
"You are," I breathed out as I cupped and kneaded my breasts.
He groaned, his eyes on me as he pulled my panties down my legs with his teeth. His eyes stayed locked with mine as his hand grabbed at my thong once it reached my thighs. "You're going to kill me one day." He shook his head, smirking and kissing up my thighs. He was so f.cking hot.
"Why's that?" I grinned, pinching my nipples and moaning louder.
"I love when you touch yourself..." He trailed off in a groan. He had to be so hard by now.
"Well I wouldn't have to touch myself if I had you doing it instead..." I trailed off breathily, continuing to knead my breasts. 
"I'd rather watch you instead." He smirked, his eyes shining as he looked up at me, unfortunately no longer teasing my p.ssy with his mouth. No longer doing anything except watch me, actually. 
My hands left my breasts and slipped into his hair, pulling his head back up to mine gently. "F.ck me baby." 
"Patience, Av," He teased, grinning at me before pressing his lips against mine. 
 I kissed him back, wrapping my legs around his waist and flipping us so that my body was now hovering above his. I sucked on his bottom lip before pulling away, faking a pout. "You're wearing too much clothing." 
"You just love being on top, don't you?" He grinned in response. 
"I like being in control," I told him seriously, bending down and biting on his neck before trailing kisses back towards his lips. I kissed him softly before pulling back, "And you're still wearing pants." 
"Are you going to help me with that?" 
"Yes, I'm a good girlfriend like that." I smirked, reaching between us and undoing his pants, moving to pull them down his body along with his boxers. I didn't hesitate, positioning myself before slowly easing down on his d.ck. Finally. 
He groaned, bucking his hips up as I moved slowly. "You're so tight..."
My eyes flicked up from where our bodies met to look into his gorgeous eyes, grinning. "Yeah?" I asked, playing innocent.
His hands gripped my hips as he bucked up deeper inside of me, his d.ck still not all the way. "God yes... so f.cking tight..." He trailed off, groaning.
My hands slid up his chest as I leaned down, pressing a kiss against his lips. I teased him with chaste kisses as I rode him just as slow. "You're huge," I whispered seriously against his lips, moaning as he tangled a hand in my hair, keeping my lips pressed against his as he kissed me hard.
He bucked his hips up, burying his d.ck deep inside of me. He felt so f.cking good, oh my god. "F.ck." He broke the kiss, repeating the motion once again.
I moaned louder, pushing myself back into a sitting position and biting my lip as I sped up only slightly. "Oh my god Colin..." I breathed out, my nails digging into his chest.
He grabbed on of my wrists, bringing it to his mouth and biting down gently. He grinned up at me. "What?" 
"Are you trying to be in control?" 
"No," He grinned wider, shaking his head as he eyes fell to my breasts as they moved with my body. "I'm enjoying my view right now..."
I smirked, loving the way he looked at me. My hand moved down his chests towards my body as I sped up. "Good."
"Mhmm..." He trailed off, watching as I rubbed my cl.t. "F.ck."
"I've been aching for you all day," I moaned out, tossing my head back and pressing harder.
"You are so f.cking hot." He moved my hand away, rubbing his own thumb back and forth against my cl.t, pressing hard like I had been and making me call out his name again and again.
I moaned, feeling myself tighten against him once again as I came. "Colin!!!" I called out, his own orgasm just intensifying mine. God, he felt so good. 
I continued riding him, slowing down as I grinned at him. "You're so hot Av." 
"You are..." I murmured, leaning down to kiss him softly, lingering my lips against his. "Do you want to come shower with me?" 
"I thought you had homework to do." He smirked, resting his head against the pillow as his hands slid down my back and cupped my a.ss. 
"I want to shower with my sexy boyfriend instead," I told him, setting my hands against his chest as I pushed myself up, getting out of the bed and starting towards the bathroom. I looked over my shoulder. "Are you coming?" 
I didn't wait for his answer, heading towards the bathroom. I turned on the shower, making it hot when I felt Colin's arm snake around my waist. He pressed his lips against my shoulder, biting down on my skin gently. I moaned softly, tilting my head to the side and allowing him to kiss up my neck. "I'm happy we moved into together." 
"Why's that?" He asked, turning my body toward his before picking me up. 
I wrapped my legs around him as he carried me into the shower, my back hitting the hot water. "Now I can f.ck you whenever I want." 
He smirked. "Isn't that always?" 
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